And the money raised from dressing up for Halloween last week goes to…



Medecins Sans Frontieres! Thanks for your votes and support.







Media Contacts team.


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Happy Halloween!!


We’re being charitable today here at Media Contacts by dressing up and paying for the privilege… it’s been great fun and here are some photos! Thanks a lot for your support, please continue voting to help us selecting a charity and we will announce the result on Monday.

Please help us out by voting here:




Rayhana and Maria

Maria and Chiara


Maria and Eddie






Maria, Chiara and Rayhana


Rupert and Julia






Julia and Tallie






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Top 20 ‘The Apprentice’ candidate quotes


It was interesting how 3 of the Apprentice 2014 candidates got fired at one go last night! I always enjoy the last 10 minutes of each episode, all that fighting to win. Let’s enjoy some of the best quotes from The Apprentice candidates. Original source can be found here.


  1. My first word wasn’t mummy, it was money. (Shibby Robati – 2010)
  2. I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit, and a brain like Einstein. (Luisa Zissman – 2013)
  3. If we went to Mars right now, I’d find a way to be excellent. (Steven Ugoalah – 2014)
  4. I’m like a shark, right at the top of the food chain. I take what I want, when I want. I truly am the reflection of perfection. (Ricky Martin – 2012)
  5. Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the Moon. (Melody Hossaini – 2011)
  6. I made it quite easy for him to fire me. (Bilyana Apostolova – 2012)
  7. I’m not a show pony, or a one-trick pony. I’m not a jack-ass or a stubborn mule, and I’m definitely not a wild stallion that needs to be tamed. I am the champion thoroughbred that this process requires. (Jim Eastwood – 2011)
  8. Everything I touch turns to sold. (Stuart Baggs – 2010)
  9. As a salesperson, I would rate myself as probably the best in Europe. ( Jennifer Maguire – 2008)
  10. When your best friends are Mr Pino and Mr Grigio, you wanna watch it! (Katie Hopkins (2007)
  11. My positive approach and very good looks make me stand out from the crowd. (Vincent Disneur – 2011) – Yes, I Googled him to remind my brain how he looks like!
  12. Me and Lord Sugar could build an empire together. I think I am him when he was my age. (James Hill – 2014)
  13. I call myself the blonde assassin. I let people underestimate me just so I can blow them out of the water. (Katie Wright – 2012)
  14. Business is the new rock ‘n’ roll and I’m Elvis Presley. (Philip Taylor – 2009)
  15. I regret not becoming a scientist so I could clone myself and be more successful in half the time. (Bianca Miller – 2014)
  16. And here is the river Thames… the second largest river in London. (Jamie Lester – 2010)
  17. Pinewood Studios? I’m pretty sure that’s a furniture store. (Sandeesh Samra – 2010)
  18.  I think outside the box, if I was an apple pie the apples inside me would be oranges. (Alex Epstein – 2010)
  19. I’m a ‘Great’ of my generation. I’m an innovator and leader in business. I take inspiration from Napoleon. (Zeeshaan Shah – 2013)
  20. I couldn’t live a more interesting life…Even when I’m sleeping, I’m not really asleep. (Stuart Baggs – 2010)


If you find the above quotes inspiring and up to the full speed to find your dream role in PR, Marketing, Events, Conferences, Sales or Medical writing…we can help! Take a look on our Jobs page or if you prefer to have a chat with one of our experienced consultants, call on 0207 359 8244.

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Celebrating Hallowe’en at Media Contacts!

We’re being charitable on Friday at work by dressing up and paying for the privilege BUT we can’t decide who to give our hard-earned cash to.


Please help us out by voting here:


Thanks and happy Hallowe’en!

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The Rewarding World of Medical Writing Jobs

The world of medical writer jobs is rewarding in terms of salary, opportunity and personal development.


The medical writing industry is experiencing rapid growth and offers excellent medical writing jobs for those with the right skills and desire to succeed.


What Does The Job Involve?


When you become a medical writer you could be working on a complex piece of new research transcriptions one minute, writing medical training materials for pharmaceutical businesses the next then writing patient materials and conference reports the following week. The industry is diverse and interesting and offers great opportunities for those with a medical background and the ability to write good copy. There are also excellent opportunities for progression within the field, particularly if you can get noticed for your high-quality work and ability to deliver on time.


Good Earning Potential


Jobs for medical writers often pay good salaries because of the skills and expertise required to carry out the job to a high standard, and because of the experience that the writer needs to have gained in the medical world beforehand. Medical communications agencies naturally pay more in London and the South because of the increased cost of living, but there are also some well-paid home-working and flexible-location roles, as well as freelance and contract opportunities. This makes the field very attractive to those looking to write part-time or around other commitments.


The Skills Needed


Primarily, you need to be an excellent writer with a background in the medical/pharmaceutical world. Some positions will require higher qualifications such as a doctorate in the relevant field, but the vast majority will simply require experience in medicine, as well as certain other qualifications. Generally, employers will require broad knowledge of typical scientific terms and jargon. Prior writing experience and a medical communications agency background are often preferred, whereas other employers are open to in-house pharma experience. Obviously attention to detail is essential, as is the ability to be a self-starter, work to deadlines and write compelling copy for a range of different audiences.


Entry Routes

The best way to find a good medical writer job is via a specialist recruitment agency in the field. The medical writing industry is diverse and fascinating. Your recruiter can assess your experience and skills and advise on the typical positions that could provide a good fit. Make sure you have a CV and a good covering letter ready. Most medical writer jobs will also require examples of your previous work, so a portfolio of your strongest pieces can also be an asset to securing the position you want.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information.


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Toughest Interview Questions!


An Interview can cause a lot of stress and a raised heartbeat. Stress can increase considerably when being asked unusual questions that we are not prepared for.

When looking for new employees, entrepreneurs often aim at exceptional talents, who can astonish with their creativity and innovative perspective on weighty matters for the company.

Finding the top talents would be difficult if the interviews were limited only to the painfully standard questions. Therefore, when recruiting candidates many corporations including world giants such as Apple and Google tend to ask how to resolve unexpected problems.

Business Insider presented a collection of Internet users strangest questions, which fell last year in the premises of several giants of global businesses. We present the most interesting one of them:

1.If you were given a box of pencils, list 10 things you could do with them that are not their traditional use. (Google Administrative Assistant)

  1. How would you test an elevator? (Software Development Engineer at Microsoft)
  2. How would you solve problems if you were from Mars (Senior Recruiting Manager at Amazon)
  3. Tell me something that you have done in your life which you are particularly proud of. (Apple Software Engineering Manager)
  4. If you were a street sign what would you be? (Sales Associate at Pacific Sunware)
  5. A Russian gangster kidnaps you. He puts two bullets in consecutive order in an empty six-round revolver, spins it, points it at your head and shoots. Click. You’re still alive. He then asks you, do you want me to spin it again and fire or pull the trigger again. For each option, what is the probability that you’ll be shot? (Internet Marketing Analyst at Facebook)
  6. Why wouldn’t I hire you? (Recruiter at Twitter)
  7. If you were to be a Sony product, what would you be? (Retail Sales Specialist at Sony)
  8. How would you estimate how many radio stations are in the US? (Product Manager at Google)


If you are looking for jobs in PR (Healthcare, Consumer, B2B, Fashion, Retail, Financial PR, Technology PR), Events, Publishing, Marketing (General, Digital) and Sales – do get in touch with us. Media contacts is one of the most successful media recruitment agencies in London. We have more than twenty years experience and our well trained consultants will be able to help you throughout the interview process, so no need to worry about tough interview questions!

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Success is doing what you love and making it a career, but I don’t know who will pay me to watch football / drink wine / sit on a beach / *insert-your-chill-out-of-choice-here*


Traditionally, we think of the Christmas / New Year break as a good time to take stock and reflect on our lives – all those magazines with articles espousing “New Year, New You” theories that are anything but “new”, spending time with family and / or friends, an extended break away from the office, losing track of what day it is.

It all adds up to an opportunity to consider our situation: What went well and what didn’t over the last twelve months? What am I happy or unhappy about? What would I change if I could? What New Year’s resolutions should I make? Should I bother with resolutions when I know I’ll inevitably break them? Or is that a self-fulfilling philosophy and should I therefore be less cynical about them?

The other time of year that gives us this opportunity for reflection is, well, right now. Summer holidays, evenings in pub gardens with friends, getting lost in books or watching an inspirational sunset. That distance from the coalface gives us a chance to think properly – not just a fleeting “shall I look at a job board?” or “Should we get round to decorating the bathroom?” Companies are often taking stock too (either literally or metaphorically) given that (terrifyingly) we’re not that far off the mid-point of the financial year.

So far, this post appears to be a collection of lists, so I’ll get to the point. We at Media Contacts like to meet with candidates before they’ve decided they want a new job. Discussing the market, your career and your options means that, when the time does come, the whole process is that much smoother. Perhaps there’s a particular training course you’re being offered and you’re keen to know if it is the kind of thing other companies are looking for on CVs, for instance. Or perhaps you’re keen to know what the jobs market is like as a reflection of how healthy your sector is. Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear from you.

My specialities are B2B tech, financial, corporate, professional services PR and public affairs and my contact details are below. For a confidential chat about your career, please do get in touch.

Alys Barber-Rogers

M: 07939 295 560

E: [email protected]


If you fancy a chat about any of the other sectors we work in, give us a call on 020 7359 8244 or email [email protected].

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Positioning Yourself for the Best Publishing Jobs in London


To get one of the best publishing jobs in London, you need to stand out from the crowd. Position yourself for success with our guide.


The publishing industry has always been a highly desirable choice for graduates, consequently, there is great competition for the best publishing jobs in London. This means that your CV, experience and approach must be impeccable to secure yourself a role.




Firstly, the industry is changing, so do your researh. You will need to develop a strong appreciation and knowledge about digital production to get the best publishing jobs in London or across the UK. Within one year, the industry went from being 90pc print-based to a 30pc digital business. In 2011, e-book sales grew by an incredible 370pc, and this market was worth around £250 million the following year.




Position yourself effectively for the right role too. Don’t be afraid to move into a role for a longer-term sideways step within a target organisation. Be mindful of the focus area that interests you. Make sure you have creative ideas and highlight these credentials to a potential employer to secure best publishing jobs in London. Learn about the trends affecting the industry in the longer term to show that you understand the future needs of readers and have ideas of how these needs can be met. Business and investment models in publishing are changing all the time. Give yourself the edge by being up to speed with them. Make sure you also secure work experience, whether it’s an internship, summer job or part-time role.




Of course, it goes without saying that your CV and cover letter must be impeccable and tailored to each job. Get a contact name, follow up on leads, send speculative applications and use social media to build your network. Another key route to finding out about the best publishing jobs in London or across the UK is to sign up to a specialist recruitment agency and make sure you are proactive in seeking out roles and putting yourself forward for them. Build your network and engage with it regularly to make yourself known. Enthusiasm and a desire to succeed will eventually pay off in your job search.




Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Publishing jobs in London are competitive – here’s how to stand out!

If you’re looking for publishing jobs in London then you will know how competitive the market is. Read on to find out how to give yourself the edge!

Anybody looking for publishing jobs in London will know just how competitive this particular arena is. With more candidates than ever going for every single vacancy, only the absolute strongest will survive. If you want to be sure of netting that dream job then you are going to have to go the extra mile in order to get it.  In this article we are going to give you a couple of great tips and tricks for getting ahead of your competition and getting yourself noticed – read on to find out more:



When prospective employers are advertising for publishing jobs in London they will find themselves with a huge job sifting through CVs. They will be looking for candidates who clearly demonstrate their passion for publishing, and their commitment to the industry, so anybody without previous experience will be unceremoniously cast aside. If you really want to prick their attention then you need to show that you have experience. Of course, everybody has to start somewhere and you may not have experience. If this is the case then it’s time to start looking for volunteer/intern opportunities at magazine and newspaper houses, book publishing agencies and similar set ups. You never know – the volunteering may even lead to a permanent job in-house. Even if it doesn’t, you will gain relevant industry experience and will be able to get a reference from someone in the appropriate field.



Networking is a very powerful force and you stand a far greater chance of success if you get out there meeting people. Join business networking groups and never miss an opportunity to hand out your CV and let people know that you are in the market for publishing jobs in London. Online networking is just as important, so spend time making sure your LinkedIn profile is current and up to date. The more time you spend interacting with people online, the more active your account will look, so try to take part in industry-specific discussions and debates.


Job hunting is not an easy undertaking, but the most successful people are the ones who spend time giving it their undivided attention. Be prepared to be patient – and always be on the lookout for that amazing opportunity to shine.


Finding a job is difficult no matter which industry you are in, but publishing jobs in London are particularly hard to find. Speak to the experts at Media Contacts for more great advice and tricks for getting ahead.


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Strategies for Securing the Best Conference Producer Jobs


This article looks at the attractiveness of conference producer jobs and ways to position yourself for employment success.

The conference industry offers excellent employment opportunities. Whether it is large scale events, specialist seminars, executive summits or not-for-profit conferences, the opportunities are excellent for permanent roles, contract positions and freelance conference producer jobs.


The Skills Required

If the industry is of interest to you, bear in mind you will need to be able to demonstrate a certain skill set to an advanced level. Conference production is a highly competitive job and those working within it are required to be highly organised and have excellent communication skills. You are likely to be working as part of a team but will be expected to manage your own workload. Initially the role involves a great deal of research – assessing the current needs and demands of a specific industry and writing a conference proposal that reflects your findings.


Having established the context of the conference you’re to produce, your responsibilities become more practical: acquiring speakers, managing budgets and ensuring that all arms of the events team are kept abreast of developments. While not directly involved in sales or marketing, there is of course an enormous amount of overlap – a conference producer will help design brochures, write communications material and try to make the event as appealing as possible to potential attendees.


At the event itself, you will need to be present to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the speakers, as well as it being a great opportunity for networking and new business development.


Where to Find the Best Jobs

You’ll find conference producer jobs through a range of routes. The best starting point is usually a specialist agency. It is well worth registering your CV accordingly and spending time with a recruitment agent working within the sector. Present yourself as though you are going to interview and be proactive with your job search. You may also find roles online (job boards and company websites) and in print media. Social media is also an increasingly valuable source of contacts and leads. Network broadly within the industry and seek out opportunities to gain valuable work experience.


Get the Right Experience

Relevant experience of producing conferences is essential for securing the best conference producer jobs, so aim to find opportunities working on various types of events, even if they are on a voluntary basis. Seek feedback to understand if there are any areas in which you can improve your delivery. Constant skills development and learning opportunities are the key to long-term success within the industry, along with the ability to maintain an excellent network and promote yourself as a trusted and competent ‘safe pair of hands’ that always delivers.



If you want to land the conference producer jobs of your dreams then contact Media Contacts to see how we can help. You can follow this link to browse our current jobs.

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