Bigger budgets.


As George Osborne delivers the budget this week in the hope of further improving the economic circumstances, many businesses may too be drawn to thinking of their spending plans for the year ahead. If you want to descend into clichés, then there are plenty currently apposite: you have to speculate to accumulate; nothing ventured, nothing gained; make hay while the sun shines; and so on. With increasing commercial opportunities available, many directors will be starting to dream of all that extra potential hay, and wondering if they couldn’t do with a few more farmers to help out.


Apologies if you got bogged down in the metaphor there and I hope you’re managing to keep up – that was of course supposed to be a general point about the job market and not a comment on improved employment prospects for agricultural workers (if anything the recent flooding is unfortunately likely to mean the opposite for those involved in the actual business of making hay). Essentially what I’m trying to say is that if you’re thinking about your hiring needs, or about changing your job, now might be a good time to put the wheels in motion.


You may have noticed that the improving job market is a recurring theme in our blogs (and quite frankly, if you can’t work out why, then you need to go and sit in the corner). The economy is on the up, businesses are growing, good quality candidates are in demand and we’re here to help.

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Could you be right for a career in marketing?


The following attributes would certainly come in useful:


  • Being interested in marketing


Alright, perhaps there are a few more things that would be beneficial but having a keen interest in marketing is certainly a good starting point. Unless you’ve been living in a cave (in which case you’ve done well to come across this blog), the all-pervading nature of modern marketing means that we are all aware of its influence and significance. As with any media job, you should also have good interpersonal skills; some commercial acumen, creativity and being able to work well in a team would also help.


Marketing in the 21st century can be a difficult concept to qualify, because of the enormous range of business activities it covers. With the growing prominence of social media and the online world in everyday life, digital marketing and online advertising in particular have become a hugely important part of any concerted marketing strategy, with PPC and SEO functions commanding an ever higher chunk of the budget. A professional qualification, such as those offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), will definitely come in handy when it comes to persuading a potential employer that you know what you’re talking about. In fact, if you actually have a CIM qualification, chances are you actually will know what you’re talking about – even better!


Indeed, a good understanding of marketing is not just important for pure marketing jobs – the Chartered Institute of Public Relations recently reported on the convergence of marketing and PR and the need to be well versed in areas such as copywriting and design, and of course social and digital media management.


So if you have some experience of marketing and building on it, visit our website for a full list of our vacancies or call 020 7359 8244.

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Do you fancy a new career as Conference Producer?


If you are looking for an amazing career and can see yourself as a Conference Producer, look no further!


Are you sick of the job you are doing and feel as though you are not being pushed? Are you in a job that is the same every day and want a career that will challenge you and push you to the limit? Maybe you want something new and exciting that you have never really done before but fancy your hand at? Well, look no further as here at Media Contacts we have a great range of future careers for you. With expert advice from our professionals, we are available to answer any questions you may have.


A Conference Producer job is one of the main roles within the events business. The highly competitive nature of the role means that there are always good new openings for this position.


As a Conference Producer you will take responsibility for the smooth running and success of a certain event. You will cover all the marketing side of the conference as well as the delivery side. To be a Conference Producer you need to have great attention to detail, you may even need to be a little bit fussy at times to make sure that you get it just right and that everything is done to the highest of standards. As a Conference Producer you also need to be able to see the fine details as well as the larger picture.


If you want to earn a great salary with room for improvement and pay increases, maybe you want to work your way to the top within a great company? If this is the case then a Conference Producer role is ideal for you. If you have the outgoing personality to go with it and think you have what it takes to be a great Conference Producer then check out all the positions we currently have available. Why not take a look now? Alternatively give us a call or come in and see us.

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PR – State of the Profession.


Bear with me on this one: the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ annual State of the Profession survey, intent on belying its somewhat dry title, makes for pretty interesting reading.


Perhaps the standout stat in the report is that, somewhat surprisingly, only 2 in 5 respondents said that they enjoy their job and look forward to work. Although clearly working in PR can at times be stressful, should this not ideally be coupled with job satisfaction and, dare I say it, a bit of fun?


Furthermore, only 19% of PR professionals feel that they have already achieved their career goals. Now it may be that their career goals lie in a completely different sphere of work, but for those happy in PR then perhaps a new role in a new agency could be the answer?


If you’re not happy in your job then don’t worry, the timing’s pretty good. With the economic upturn meaning nearly half of all consultancy practitioners are spending more time pitching for new business than last year (with a third spending the same amount), this is having a knock-on effect in recruitment, with agency hiring up 50%. Got all that? Let me break it down for you:


Us: One of the UK’s most respected PR recruiters.

You: A talented but unfulfilled PR professional.

Our clients: On the lookout for top candidates.


All the ingredients are there – let’s put them in a big bowl, mix them up and see what we can make. Visit our website for a full list of current vacancies or call 020 7359 8244 for a chat with one of our experienced consultants.

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Looking for conference producer jobs? Do you know what qualities are needed to apply for conference producer jobs?


If you are thinking of a career change, read on to find out more about the qualities needed for conference producer jobs.

Whilst some people may view a career change as a midlife crisis, here at Media Contacts we think that it is only natural to want to push yourself further and utilise your varied skill set in a new industry or role. Now in our 21st year of trading, we are one of the UK’s leading recruiters in the communication industry; including working on an exclusive basis for Media Publishers, Event Organisers, PR and Digital Agencies. Therefore, we have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in this area. This month we are going to discuss the skills and qualities you will require to successfully fill conference producer jobs.

Those considering conference producer jobs should realise that the job requires a very varied skill set. The correct candidate should be able to efficiently research, plan, possess fantastic people skills and intuitive management skills. They should be a professional that will take responsibility for the success of either an individual event or series of events. You will be involved in every aspect of the conference, from the initial stages through to marketing and delivery.

We now have a macro overview of what conference producer jobs entail, however what skills and personal qualities should you possess in order to be suitable? The job itself is very varied, from planning and research to organising people and the event itself. From this perspective, it is therefore useful to have a good balance of being introvert and extrovert. For example, you will be required to efficiently research appropriate speakers for the event. You should then be prepared to write to people and cold call them in order to persuade them to participate in the conference.

When planning a conference, it can be easy to think solely of the big picture and forget about the smaller fine details. It is therefore important to be able to strike a balance. You should have the ability to see the event as a whole however; you should also be able to iron out the finer details to ensure a successful event. After all, as a conference producer you will be taking responsibility for the success of the event.

For more information on conference producer jobs, please visit our website or contact our team who will be more than happy to assist. If you feel you maybe suited to a different type of role, we also specialise in account executive jobs, medical writer jobs, creative director jobs and publishing jobs in London. Please contact us for further information.

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The Winter Olympics


As the Winter Olympics draws to a close in the coming days, with Team GB celebrating their best medal haul for 90 years, you could be forgiven for wondering what that could possibly have to do with recruitment. Indeed, you might think that a blog on such a subject seems like an attempt to tenuously link some rather general points about changing jobs with something that happens to be in the news. Well, you’d only be partly right.


Picture the scene: as you sit at the breakfast table, pouring coffee down your throat in a desperate attempt to wake yourself up, the newsreader reminds you that someone ten years younger (and twice as good-looking) has just fulfilled their lifelong ambition in Sochi. You begin to wonder what happened to your hopes and dreams. Admittedly, you’re probably a bit old now to be a professional footballer, but what about actually having a job you enjoy? You ask yourself whether your current twice-daily ten mile commute across London is really worth it. Particularly when your boss is constantly giving you a hard time. And the staff canteen has stopped doing those cakes you like.


Changing jobs isn’t something that should be undertaken lightly, but nor should you stay in a role where you’re unhappy, or feel that you’re going nowhere. With the increasing fluidity of the job market, good candidates are in demand – just make sure you take a new job for the right reasons. Don’t feel hurried into making a decision by unscrupulous recruiters looking to make a quick buck, with little regard for whether it’s the right move for the employer or the candidate.


At Media Contacts, as evidenced by our twenty years of successful recruiting, we’re in it for the long haul. For an honest chat about your future, or to hear about our latest opportunities, call 020 7359 8244.

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Looking for account executive jobs? Do you know what qualities are needed to apply for account executive jobs?


If you are thinking of a career change or to start your career in PR, read on to find out more about the qualities needed for account executive jobs in a PR agency.


Keywords: account executive jobs, PR agency jobs


Now in our 21st year of trading, Media Contacts is one of the UK’s leading recruiters in the communication industry. Today, we are going to discuss the skills and qualities you will require to successfully fill account executive jobs ideally in a PR agency.


Those considering account executive jobs in a PR agency should realise that the job requires a varied skill set. According to our PR consultant Eddie Everard, you should have:

  • Up to 1 years experience ideally from a PR agency background
  • Good grasp of the key publications and target media for clients
  • The beginnings of  relationships with a range of trade, broadcast, digital and national print journalists
  • An ability to pick up the phone and “sell in” a news story or feature opportunity
  • Ability to write a good press release
  • Knowledge about how social media can be used for brands and ability to write      appropriate content for social media channels
  • Also values and attitude very important e.g. someone who rolls their sleeves      up, who is enthusiastic, proactive, uses initiative and shows a thirst for      knowledge and learning off colleagues. You should be someone who is will go the extra mile.


For more information on account executive jobs, please visit our website or contact our team who will be more than happy to assist. If you feel you maybe suited to a different type of role, we also specialise in conference producer jobs, medical writer jobs, creative director jobs, marketing and publishing jobs in London. Please contact us for further information.

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Conference producer jobs


Being a Conference Producer can be a very demanding yet ultimately rewarding job, a role ideal for someone who likes a challenge and where no two days are the same.


But what does a Conference Producer actually do? Essentially, you are in charge of putting together the content of the conference, and thus are ultimately responsible for the end result. In the initial stages of producing a conference, your job will mainly involve research – assessing the current needs and demands of a specific industry and writing a conference proposal that reflects your findings. This will involve speaking to key industry players in order to find out what issues are relevant to their business and what sort of event would be beneficial to them.


Having established the context of the conference you’re to produce, your responsibilities become more practical: acquiring speakers, managing budgets and ensuring that all arms of the events team are kept abreast of developments. While not directly involved in sales or marketing, there is of course an enormous amount of overlap – a Conference Producer will help design brochures, write communications material and try to make the event as appealing as possible to potential attendees.


At the event itself, you will need to present to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the speakers, as well as it being a great opportunity for networking and new business development.


So if you’re creative and work well to deadlines, are great at building relationships with people and fancy the idea of a job with great career prospects and the potential for travel, then being a Conference Producer could be the perfect job for you! Have a look at our website for current conference producer jobs or call 020 7359 8244 for a chat with one of our experienced consultants.

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What qualities are needed to apply for medical writing jobs?


If you are thinking about a career change and want to get started in medical writing, read on to learn the qualities required for most jobs as a medical writer.


Keyword: Medical writer jobs


To start with, a medical writer needs to understand medical concepts and ideas, keep an eye on regulatory and research related information, have a keen interest in the development of pharmaceutical products, working knowledge of the healthcare/ pharmaceutical industry and above all have impeccable writing skills. It goes without saying that a genuine, demonstrable understanding and interest in the industry is essential. To make a good medical writer, you have to have a range of skills such as good language/grammar user, understanding of literature and reference searching, interpretation and presentation of data and most importantly the ability to take into consideration the ethical, regulatory and legal issues. Our Healthcare Communications Consultant Julia Walton points out that having a science degree, if not a PhD as well, is a must and ideally also some experience of writing in a medical communication agency setting, perhaps as an intern. Life in agencies is fast paced and deadline driven, so medical writers also need good time management and team working skills.


For more information on medical writer jobs, please visit our website or contact our team who will be more than happy to assist. If you feel you maybe suited to a different type of role, we also specialise in various areas including account executive jobs, conference producer jobs, creative director jobs and publishing jobs in London. Please contact us for further information.

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How do I get a publishing job in London?


Starting out on the publishing ladder? Or been working in the environment for years? This guide for obtaining a publishing job in London is a must read.

Keywords: publishing jobs in London, creative director jobs, medical writer jobs.

Finding a job these days is hard. You don’t need us to tell you that. It can often be harder for graduates trying to make that first step on the career ladder. Even if you’ve been among the publishing world for many years, there’s no guarantee your experience will outshine others. Particularly if you’re based in or wanting to move base to London. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to help your CV stand out from the rest to ensure you get your desired publishing job in London.

To start, it’s important to realise just how heavily oversubscribed publishing jobs are anywhere, never mind London. It may also not prove to provide a large salary. Those with an English degree may look to publishing as a first port of call hence the many graduates whom appear on the market each year.

Talking of qualifications. It may not be necessary for you to have a MA or PHD. It may be of help and may certainly stand out to prospective employers, but it almost definitely does not guarantee you a better chance of getting that interview, never mind the job. So if you don’t have one, don’t worry. A standard degree however is seen as a minimal requirement.

Work experience in a relevant field can also be key. If we’re assuming you don’t have a job in publishing already, being able to work voluntarily for a few months will help on your CV. Even being involved in the university paper, radio etc will help. Alternatively, see if you can offer your services to the local church or town. As long as the experience can be related to publishing, it may just set you up for that all important publishing job in London.

Let’s say you’ve seen the perfect job advertised. What do you do? Firstly, try not to stack all your hopes on this one job and automatically think the job is yours before you’ve even met the employers. Instead, channel your energies in perfecting your CV and ensuring you’re introductory letter is flawless. Prepare at the same time for the interview. Make sure you’re able to answer any questions they may through at you by gathering as much information about the company itself. You never know, you may find a different area within that company that you’d prefer to work in!

When all said and done, you can appreciate the rewards and satisfaction a role within publishing can be. Finding, taking the time to really concentrate on how you will get that job, and then accepting a publishing job in London may be the best career move you ever make!

For further advice about roles within publishing, or creative director jobs, medical writer jobs and much more, contact the Media Contact’s team today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members have plenty of experience in helping people find their dream job.


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