and the winner of our Christmas decoration competition is…


Team 4!  Well done to Chiara and Jacques!


Chiara & Jacques with their snowman!

Chiara & Jacques with their snowman!

Winner of our 2014 Christmas decoration competition!

Winner of our 2014 Christmas decoration competition!

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Photos of our Christmas decorations!

Team 1 - Rupert & Tallie & Rayhana

Team 1 – Rupert & Tallie & Rayhana

Team 2 - Hugh & Maria

Team 2 – Hugh & Maria

Team 3 - Julia & Hany

Team 3 – Julia & Hany

Team 4 - Jacques & Chiara

Team 4 – Jacques & Chiara

Team 5 - Alys & Josh

Team 5 – Alys & Josh

Everyone has been so creative and worked hard to win. Winner will be announced tomorrow!




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Christmas decoration competition!


So, today is the deadline for our Christmas decoration competition! Keep an eye here to check out what our teams have created and we will announce the winner tomorrow…

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Interview questions for Conference Producer Jobs


We already have a few articles on what conference producer jobs are, the job responsibilities of a conference producer and other interesting facts about this industry on our blog. Forewarned is forearmed, so let’s look into some interview questions for conference producer jobs. First of all, it is crucial before any job interview to conduct proper company research, know as much as you can about the company where you are going for an interview, and also about the role that you have been shortlisted for. You should also research the company’s events – what are the topics, who are the speakers, where are the events held, who are the typical delegates and sponsors? A good level of industry knowledge, positive attitude, energetic personality and a genuine interest in the potential role will greatly benefit you during the recruitment process. Make sure you are focusing on your positive achievements so that you can add examples when answering a question during the interview. Some of the questions listed below were sourced though Glassdoor and


  • Give a story about yourself that tells us something about you.
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • If you were to produce a conference what would the topic be?
  • Aside from what is on your CV, what unique skill do you think you could bring to the firm that other candidates could not?
  • Practical test: Create a detailed mock conference agenda for a 2 day summit on new product development strategies.
  • What is your expected salary?
  • What is your usual role in a team?
  • What are your career goals as a Conference Producer?
  • What motivates you to work as Conference Producer?
  • How do you make the decision to delegate work?
  • Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it.
  • Specific example of a time when your work was criticised
  • Give some instances in which you anticipated problems.
  • Why are you leaving your present job?
  • What was the last project you headed up, and what was its outcome?
  • How do you keep each member of the team involved and motivated?
  • What was the most stressful situation you have faced as a Conference Producer?
  • How do you assemble the information?
  • How have you changed in the last five years?
  • What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to being a Conference Producer?
  • Tell me about an important goal that you set in the past.
  • How do you handle stress and pressure?
  • What is a typical career path in this job function?
  • How would you define success for someone in your chosen Conference Producer career?
  • Give an example of situations when your leadership skills were needed.
  • If you were hiring for Conference Producer jobs, what would you look for?
  • Have you handled a difficult situation with another department?
  • What do you do when your schedule is interrupted? How you handle it.
  • What did you like least about your last job?



My personal recommendation on a bullet proof interview preparation is ‘understand the job description inside-out!’, once you understand the skills required for the role you are going to be interviewed for, it will be easier to tackle the interview questions. Some of the essential skills required for conference producer jobs are:


  • Business skills
  • IT skills
  • Research
  • Networking
  • Negotiating
  • Communicating at all levels
  • Copywriting
  • Initiative
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Persistent
  • Persuasive
  • Planning budgets
  • Project management
  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Some marketing/ public relations/ sales experience
  • Analysis


Finally, if you are looking for conference producer jobs or you are an employer and need help to find the best conference producer for your company – we can help! Please check out our latest jobs here. Also, our experienced consultants at Media Contacts will be very happy to help assist if you have any questions.

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Christmas decoration challenge at Media Contacts!

We are now divided in five teams and competing to create the best Christmas decoration for the office. Keep an eye on our page to see the result :)
MC - Christmas competition
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Recruitment agencies in the UK.


Finding the right employee can be fundamental to any company’s success. Similarly, if a candidate is looking to move on to the next level of their career or change their career path, it is crucial to have some expert suggestions and assistance to secure the best and most suitable job. This is where a recruitment agency can play an important role both for the employers and job seekers.


What is a recruitment agency?

Simply, a recruitment agency is where employers can get help with filling a vacant position and a job seeker can get assistance with their job search. Normally recruitment agencies are industry specific, for example, PR recruitment agencies, media recruitment agencies, office recruitment agencies etc. Agency size also vary according to what industries an agency recruits for, location covered (national or international or both!) etc.


How many recruitment agencies in the UK?

According to the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation), there are about 8000 recruitment agencies in the UK.


Working process of a recruitment agency?

In general, the recruitment process involves new business & new candidate sourcing, advertising vacancies, interviewing candidates, meeting with clients, reference checking, matching available vacancies with suitable candidates and, on top of all, making sure a clear and precise communication is in place with both employers and job seekers. Once the employer gets a suitable candidate and the job seeker is happy to accept the job offer, the agency can charge an appropriate and agreed fee for the work.



There are about 100+ media recruitment agencies in the UK and Media Contacts is one of the most successful media recruitment agencies, offering the best recruitment services to the media, communications, marketing, PR, sales market.


Check out our Candidates and Clients pages to know more about our services.

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And the money raised from dressing up for Halloween last week goes to…



Medecins Sans Frontieres! Thanks for your votes and support.







Media Contacts team.


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Happy Halloween!!


We’re being charitable today here at Media Contacts by dressing up and paying for the privilege… it’s been great fun and here are some photos! Thanks a lot for your support, please continue voting to help us selecting a charity and we will announce the result on Monday.

Please help us out by voting here:




Rayhana and Maria

Maria and Chiara


Maria and Eddie






Maria, Chiara and Rayhana


Rupert and Julia






Julia and Tallie






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Top 20 ‘The Apprentice’ candidate quotes


It was interesting how 3 of the Apprentice 2014 candidates got fired at one go last night! I always enjoy the last 10 minutes of each episode, all that fighting to win. Let’s enjoy some of the best quotes from The Apprentice candidates. Original source can be found here.


  1. My first word wasn’t mummy, it was money. (Shibby Robati – 2010)
  2. I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit, and a brain like Einstein. (Luisa Zissman – 2013)
  3. If we went to Mars right now, I’d find a way to be excellent. (Steven Ugoalah – 2014)
  4. I’m like a shark, right at the top of the food chain. I take what I want, when I want. I truly am the reflection of perfection. (Ricky Martin – 2012)
  5. Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the Moon. (Melody Hossaini – 2011)
  6. I made it quite easy for him to fire me. (Bilyana Apostolova – 2012)
  7. I’m not a show pony, or a one-trick pony. I’m not a jack-ass or a stubborn mule, and I’m definitely not a wild stallion that needs to be tamed. I am the champion thoroughbred that this process requires. (Jim Eastwood – 2011)
  8. Everything I touch turns to sold. (Stuart Baggs – 2010)
  9. As a salesperson, I would rate myself as probably the best in Europe. ( Jennifer Maguire – 2008)
  10. When your best friends are Mr Pino and Mr Grigio, you wanna watch it! (Katie Hopkins (2007)
  11. My positive approach and very good looks make me stand out from the crowd. (Vincent Disneur – 2011) – Yes, I Googled him to remind my brain how he looks like!
  12. Me and Lord Sugar could build an empire together. I think I am him when he was my age. (James Hill – 2014)
  13. I call myself the blonde assassin. I let people underestimate me just so I can blow them out of the water. (Katie Wright – 2012)
  14. Business is the new rock ‘n’ roll and I’m Elvis Presley. (Philip Taylor – 2009)
  15. I regret not becoming a scientist so I could clone myself and be more successful in half the time. (Bianca Miller – 2014)
  16. And here is the river Thames… the second largest river in London. (Jamie Lester – 2010)
  17. Pinewood Studios? I’m pretty sure that’s a furniture store. (Sandeesh Samra – 2010)
  18.  I think outside the box, if I was an apple pie the apples inside me would be oranges. (Alex Epstein – 2010)
  19. I’m a ‘Great’ of my generation. I’m an innovator and leader in business. I take inspiration from Napoleon. (Zeeshaan Shah – 2013)
  20. I couldn’t live a more interesting life…Even when I’m sleeping, I’m not really asleep. (Stuart Baggs – 2010)


If you find the above quotes inspiring and up to the full speed to find your dream role in PR, Marketing, Events, Conferences, Sales or Medical writing…we can help! Take a look on our Jobs page or if you prefer to have a chat with one of our experienced consultants, call on 0207 359 8244.

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Celebrating Hallowe’en at Media Contacts!

We’re being charitable on Friday at work by dressing up and paying for the privilege BUT we can’t decide who to give our hard-earned cash to.


Please help us out by voting here:


Thanks and happy Hallowe’en!

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