The first day in a new job can be equal parts nerve-wracking and exciting. Getting to grips with a new role, different company culture and a whole set of new colleagues can be overwhelming, and doing this all virtually has it’s own issues. Here are our top tips for successful remote onboarding.

  1. Get to know your colleagues. While you won’t be able get a round in at the pub during your first week this shouldn’t prevent you from getting to know your new colleagues. An introductory email or zoom call will go a long way to helping you feel settled.
  2. Find out who is your go-to for questions, and don’t be scared to ask them! When starting a new job it is normal to have lots of questions, and in an office environment you’d usually just turn to the person beside you. When starting remotely you should still identify a go-to person and find out the easiest and most efficient way to contact them.
  3. Get to know your new platforms/ technology before starting. This will help you feel confident and look competent in the eyes of your new colleagues!
  4. Understand how your new team communicates; it might be different to your last company. Keep an eye out for the tone used in internal emails and the frequency to which people use teams/slack etc over email. IF you are unsure which is best just ask someone.
  5. Don’t create a habit of overworking. It can be difficult to draw the line between work and home when working remotely so while you want to make a good impression and work hard it is important you don’t create an unhealthy precedent, such as replying to emails late at night or not taking breaks.

Remote onboarding certainly can be a different experience to what you’re used to, but follow our tips and you’ll be in a position to start your new role with confidence.

If you want any further advice about remote onboarding, get in touch with us!

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