7 Tips to Beat Blue Monday Syndrome (The Most Depressing Day of the Year)

Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of January each year, which means it’s only around the corner. Depression and feelings of low motivation after the festive season really kick in when the fun of Christmas is over. The weather is bleak, and the ‘new year new me’ feeling has worn off. We’ve put together some tips to help prevent Blue Monday and give your mental health a boost …

  • Physical activity – exercise may be the last thing you want to do in the cold winter months; however, it is a great way of increasing your energy levels and raising your mood. Research has shown that outdoor activities such as jogging, and cycling have the same effect in curing depression as anti-depressants. January is also the best time to start exercising as many gyms have discounts and special offers on.
  • Set realistic new year’s resolutions – better to make one small change you can keep to than 10 you fail at.
  • Focus on your work – throw yourself into your work to make your days more productive and worthwhile. Take on more projects, go on development training courses, get to know your colleagues better. If you’re working in sales or client services, check up on your clients and build on your relationships. If you’re looking for a job, enhance your search by looking on alternative websites and making changes to your CV – ask a friendly recruiter for tips.
  • Try something new – go on, we dare you!
  • Socialise – if you are doing dry January, for example, its all to easy to go to ground, so make sure you still spend time with your mates.
  • Be different – you are in control here. You can either choose to believe blue Monday will be grim, in which case that may well be what you get, or you can believe it will be a nice day, in which case you’re more likely to notice the good bits
  • Day off – if all else fails, book this Monday as a day’s holiday and make a long weekend of it!

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