Attention job seekers and employers! Is this the end of employer branding?

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I used to get a ‘look’ when I tried to explain to people why I didn’t fancy an iPhone and particularly hate Macs! It was all to do with ease of usage, so when that failed; the shiny Apple sign at the back of my only iPhone did not keep me and I did not think twice in switching to another brand. This example may not be directly relevant to the title of this article, but you get the gist!


Employer branding is being affected in a very similar way because modern job seekers don’t only look into company brand/ image anymore but they are considering on what else the employer has to offer. This reflects the survey findings published on the ‘Recruiter’ website. Findings suggest that:


  • Only 13% of the respondents (survey of 1026 UK respondents) thought that ‘company brand and reputation’ was a primary consideration when accepting their current role.


  • More than half of the respondents (57%) identified a ‘better work-life balance’ as a key motivator when changing jobs/ accepting new offers.


  • ‘Salary’ was the main factor to make a move for 43% respondents while 55% changed to their current job because of ‘better location’.


  • About 31% identified ‘job security’ was important and similar number of respondents said that they consider ‘opportunity for professional development’ when changing/ searching for jobs


This is a clear indication that job seekers are more aware of long term career goals and being serious to get away from the UK’s ‘workaholic’ lifestyle. Consequently, employers need to consider not only the salary/ benefit package but also look into polishing the company culture and keep employees on focus (remember the old saying, happy employees are more productive!).


Here is a list of some important factors to consider when taking a new job or offering a job.


  • Company culture reflecting better work/life balance
  • Career progression in the relevant industry
  • Company hierarchy/ career prospects within the company
  • Training and personal development
  • Regular performance reviews and mentoring
  • Location
  • Company history, stability and company reputation
  • Money (The ultimate motivator! Is it really?)
  • People within your company – boss and colleagues relationship
  • Workload and expectations – make sure you understand the new job responsibilities


The factors mentioned above are basic which may vary depending on what business you have or as a candidate, what level of experience/ qualification etc you have. Media Contacts is one of the top media recruitment agencies in the UK and our experienced consultants will be happy to help candidates looking for jobs or employers looking for their next best employee. So, contact us on 0207 359 8244 or simply send an email to [email protected]


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