How do you the unemployed find work in a tough economic climate?

Sadly it is a fact of life that many companies reject out of hand online applications from candidates who are out of work. So, while applying for jobs through job sites and traditional advertising is not to be discouraged, the most productive plan is to put together a list of all contacts made through business and personal life and make it your job to meet them to run through how then might advise/help. It’s a full time job finding a job – contacts made in your life will open more doors than answering job advertisements.

Hugh Joslin – Managing Director

As the clocks go back and we are faced with the onset of winter…

it is reassuring to know that county councils are ringfencing communications budgets to handle the fallout from disruptive snowfalls this year despite cuts to their overall  communications budget. It is interesting to note how social media has become an integral part of these campaigns to communicate local information about school closures etc. Perhaps they have learnt, as BAA (owner of Heathrow Airport) did last winter, that snowfall is an online PR disaster waiting to happen…

Steven Dwyer – Consultant

Steve Jobs: Death of a Salesman?

Steve Job’s death has dominated the press over the last month; the world is feeling the loss of a truly great innovator. But was it purely his genius that propelled Mac to the greatest commercial success story of our era, or was it that Jobs was a supreme salesman with a product he believed in? How do you think this laid-back, softly spoken, quintessential geek manage to whip crowds into a frenzy of excitement over his products?

Sonia Hickey – Consultant