An introduction to… Event Sales Jobs

Most people who have just graduated from university look for certain qualities in their first job – earning potential, a structured career path, perhaps international travel opportunities and a like-minded team of bright sparks.


What if you could find all of those things in one job?!


Event sales jobs are becoming increasingly popular with graduates and second jobbers. With trade shows, live events and consumer festivals covering a wide range of sector specialisms from fashion to food, technology to telecoms, energy to education, construction to cosmetics, security to SaaS, retail to travel, music to sport and leisure to lifestyle, there really is something for everyone.


Why Choose Event Sales Jobs?

For those who are fascinated by learning about how businesses change, grow, adapt and reach new levels of profitability and want a job that enables them to consult businesses to help them to reach out to new markets and increase their profit margins, event sales jobs can give them exactly that.


What Are Event Sales Jobs Like?

Event sales jobs will give you the opportunity to research and on-board new brands to sell to, create clever floor plans and develop existing accounts to become repeat, big spenders and you’ll be paid handsomely for doing so.  If you like strategy, event sales jobs will give you the opportunity to work with the marketing, operations and content functions to create the best show in town whilst globetrotting to competitor shows across the world; from Paris to Peru, Sydney to San Francisco, Jamaica to Japan, Singapore to Spain, giving you the perfect platform for world domination!


What Are The Best Bits About Event Sales Jobs?

Show season in event sales goes from zero to one-hundred pretty quickly so it wouldn’t suit someone who bursts a blood vessel every time things get busy – event sales teams are notorious for the ‘everyone-mucks-in-and-helps-each-other’ vibe so you’ll be nestled in a team with true camaraderie and work well with organised chaos!


You’ll likely find that each event organiser you speak to is absolutely team focussed. They’re always looking forward to seeing each other on a Monday morning and when you walk into the office, there’s a really special feeling and a buzz in the air. They rely on each other to be successful so everyone pulls together to keep each other motivated and energised! (They’re also the best craic in the pub after work on a Friday!)


Event sales jobs will give you the opportunity to work with different companies, different industries and different people on a variety of different and often unusual products.  You’ll gain great insight into what companies do, how they market their brands and how they grow product lines.  Your role will teach you how to react to different market conditions and how to keep your finger on the pulse of your sector.  Most importantly, the events industry will give you a career, prospects and an education in business.


What Are The Worst Parts About Event Sales Jobs?

Event sales is a full contact sport sometimes. If you get it right it’s the best job in the world and in the tougher times, it can feel really tough.  Every day is different and provides you with endless challenges.  If you pride yourself on helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives and you deliver your absolute maximum, the rollercoaster ride is one of the many reasons why events professionals LOVE their jobs so much!


What Can Event Sales Jobs lead to?

It’s no secret that some of the events industry’s brightest minds first cut their teeth in event sales jobs.  Some of the CEOs, vice presidents and managing directors of the industry’s biggest event organisers have grown up in event sales jobs and now spend their days developing people and coaching them through jobs they love whilst helping them to discover a brighter future for themselves, carve new careers and create a more fulfilling livelihood for themselves.


If you’d like to discuss event sales jobs further, call our expert, Naomi Lane, on 020 7359 8244 or email her – [email protected]

Client Focus – Rooster PR

How would you sum up Rooster as THE agency your clients want to work with?

You’ll never feel like a small fish in a big pond. No matter what size or the scale of the campaign, we’re dedicated to making a genuine difference to our clients.

We’re honest, accountable and dedicated to getting sh*t done – which is the feedback we often get from clients who’ve worked with other agencies in the past.

On a personal level, we’re approachable and sociable. Our clients often work from our office and see us as part of the team, rather than an external supplier.


How long have you worked there and what do you do?

Coming up to three years now. I’ve been lucky enough to work across several different sectors in my career and as the Account Director for our Business and Corporate team I have the opportunity to continue doing just that. We work with start-ups that we can see the potential in as well as established companies that have yet to have their story told. No day is ever the same for our team as we work across everything from travel and leisure to personal finance, business management and construction. The most rewarding work is seeing the success of a company that is a direct result of our PR campaign.


What do you like about working for Rooster?

Everyone is dedicated and no one is afraid to get their hands dirty. You’ll also get exposure to higher responsibilities at a junior level that some agencies are more reluctant to offer, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for growth. For example this morning we had our MD on his hands and knees fixing the dishwasher, while the SAE on my team was interviewing a client MD.

We work hard but have the respect and recognition returned. We make time to celebrate successes and work together to help out across teams.

Our summer and Christmas parties never disappoint – this year we’re off to Edinburgh. We can also take interest free loans from Rooster to make the most of holiday sales.

We’re lucky to have such a talented, easy-going and sharp-witted team – it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise.


What are Rooster’s plans for the future?

Ambitious but measured. There’s no use trying to conquer the world if we’re not able to maintain the service our retained clients deserve. We’re also never going to turn into a PR sweatshop – we have a strong retention rate at Rooster and we’d like to keep it that way.

We’ve grown from our travel and tourism roots and utilised our tried and trusted approach to successfully expand our breadth of work and the way in which we activate campaigns. Our clients now cover corporate, consumer, B2B and personal finance whilst our activations range from pure media relations and glamorous ‘FAM’ trips, to delivering hard-hitting economic and financial stories, to press stunts and public activations.

We’re unashamed in wanting to be the number one agency for travel brands as well as continuing our expansion into other sectors. We strive to pioneer new approaches to PR and deliver strategic impacts on our clients’ businesses. We’re not interested in PR for PR’s sake – we want to make a difference.


Is there anything you think could be improved?

Our Creative Director’s various accents and impressions… terrible Joe, just terrible…


Why did you decide to call your agency Rooster?

Just like a Rooster’s call, we get our clients heard and awaken their audience.

We also have beautiful feathers.


To find out more about Rooster, contact David Zaranka at [email protected] or call on 020 7359 8244.

Media Employment Market Update – November 2018

In the past month, since our market update in October, relatively little has changed, although conditions have strengthened in some respects (see our thoughts on this):

Record number of vacancies / low unemployment:

Our thoughts on this, plus observations on the run up to Christmas – important implication for candidates

  • We have noticed employers coming to us with vacancies that are taking longer and longer to fill. A conversation with a client yesterday focussed on a junior role (suitable for a “second jobber”) that had already been vacant for 4 months – something unheard of in the previous decade!
  • Employers are becoming more flexible on how they fill the roles as a result, as long-term vacancies have a significant cost to them both in terms of missed opportunity, plus placing extra burden on existing staff.
  • It used to be that recruitment slowed down in the run up to Christmas, or clients put start dates back to January, rather than have candidates start just before the break. However this has changed. We are working on a record number of live roles for the time of year and over 90% of clients will hire immediately – those mentioning a January start have been in the minority. We directly correlate this with the points above.
  • Our advice is therefore if you are considering a move, do it now! Don’t wait and presume that January is the time to start a job search. Why not take advantage of record high salaries, flexibility from employers and urgency to hire – these conditions are the perfect recipe for job seekers to get the best possible outcome! With a bit of luck you may even get to spend December on paid gardening leave if you have a notice period.

If you would like further information about the current market, to assess your options ahead of New Year, or to take advice on salary, appraisals, career options etc. then please get in touch at [email protected] or on 0207 359 8244.

Ask the Recruiter – November 2018

How can I make sure that the company I am interviewing for is the right one for me?

It is important to see the interview as a two-way conversation – it is your opportunity to sell yourself, and the company’s opportunity to reciprocate.

Before any interview I would suggest doing some research. Start by looking at reviews on Glassdoor and Google. These should not be fully relied upon, but you can pick up on any repeat comments or trends, ready to ask about them during the interview process. You can back these up by taking references from former employees of the company – I have noted the imbalance between most companies taking references but few prospective employees doing so! It is easy to track ex-employees down through Linked-In etc.

I would also try and get a sense of the company culture through the website and the person interviewing you. Does the company make an effort to give you a transparent insight or not? If it is the latter, it should flag a concern that they might view employees as commodities rather than people!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about whatever aspects of the company that you want to hear about during the interview. These should include how any commission or bonuses work. The interviewer should be prepared to be open and, if not, you can draw your own conclusions from their approach.

Make sure you meet some potential peers at the company rather than just the management/senior management team. This may be through a formal meeting or going for drinks etc and will give you an idea of what the culture is like.

Finally, think about how straightforward the interview process is. If it moves quickly, is clearly set out and decisive it suggests that the company has a clear vision, working practices and decision making process. If there are delays, hesitations and a lack of clarity then perhaps the company has a muddled approach to management.

With my annual appraisal approaching, what is the best way to negotiate a good pay rise?

One of the most important aspects of negotiating is to be able to understand the thought process, flexibility and constraints of the person that you are negotiating with. It is also important to make sure that what you are asking for is realistic.

As first port of call I would look at the company performance, plus that of your team and you as an individual. Logically a pay rise should mean that you are now delivering more for the company (i.e. are more productive) than you were at your last review. How has the company performed during this period – has its revenue and/or profit increased? How has your team performed – again, has there been an improvement? Likewise, how have you done? Knowing these things will give you an understanding of not only whether you are due a pay rise, but whether there is the money to award one.

Next you should build your case for how much more you will offer between now and your next review? How will you continue to improve and offer more to the company? Can you back it up with any facts and figures?

Remember that when negotiating you should start at a higher point than your expected outcome. Likewise it is likely that your line manager will offer you a little below the maximum they possibly could. Start high and plan to meet in the middle.

If you are disappointed with the financial settlement, think about how else you could add value for yourself. Perhaps a bonus could be added in based upon a certain level of performance, or a guaranteed further increase in salary upon meeting particular milestones. Also you could ask for additional paid leave, lighter hours, better benefits or pension payments in lieu of salary.


If you have any questions for next month’s Ask the Recruiter email us at [email protected] or find us on Twitter @_MediaContacts.

Client Focus – Smart Grid Forums

Smart Grid Forums is an events business that focuses on emerging trends and innovations in the renewable energy sector. The company has been active since 2011 and has been able to develop a portfolio of high-quality, large-scale events in that time which inform decision makers in the Smart Grid sphere. Smart Grid Forums pride themselves on being at the forefront of industry developments and facilitate market developments by creating a platform for business critical information to be shared and discussed. In this review we focus on Smart Grid Forums and give an outline of what life is like at the company.


Who is Smart Grid Forums?

  • Setup in 2011 by Mandana White who previously worked as a conference producer for media firms such as WBR, EMAP, and UBM
  • Smart Grid Forums are on course to more than double in size over the next two years
  • The company are passionate about driving clean energy usage
  • Smart Grid Forums have a high rate of repeat business and run events in Europe – locations include London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague, Frankfurt,


Considering working for Smart Grid Forums?

  • Rapid growth means that you should be someone who thrives in and is excited by a fast changing, dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
  • It’s an exciting time to be part of what is an ever-evolving, growing sector – the capacity of the renewable energy industry in the UK has just overtaken fossil-fuel capacity for the first time
  • Core company values are ACE: Ambition, Customer Centricty, Excellence
  • They are about to move into modern, open-plan offices in Euston – office hours are 08:30 – 16:30, Monday to Friday


Current Vacancies:

  • The company are currently recruiting a Head of Conference Production – applicants should have a strong background in conference production in a technical market, and have experience of managing a team
  • With head count due to more than double over the next couple of years, there will be opportunities across Sales, Marketing, Conference Production, and Operations and Logistics in the coming weeks and months


Keen to learn more?