Poor numeracy skills may affect your chances of securing a new job.

With an increasing number of clients giving numeracy and literacy tests as an important part of the interview process, we have seen an increasing amount of candidates fail to progress further due to the results of these tests. This just reiterates the below story and the importance of having a certain level of numeracy skills in a competitive market….


Should you send that email?

Some of us have been in the workplace longer than email has and we haven’t forgotten what the workplace was like before every desk had a computer on it. We can still remember what fax machines do and how to work one. When I did work experience for an airline as a teenager, we had a telex machine (the precursor of text messages) and all of my colleagues smoked at their desks whilst they were on the phone. We also had a fax machine, they were notoriously slow and often the document would not arrive in its entirety so you only ever sent missives that were time sensitive. These devices were only ever used for communications that were important – this importance in the workplace seems to have been lost in the last few years so before you click send on your next email, consider whether your communication is really important or if the recipient might appreciate a call or your visiting their desk instead.