Tip for graduates in the jobs market. (Sonia Hickey)

Many soon-to-be graduates are right now in the midst of applying for graduate programs and employment. The interview process for these can be daunting for anyone who’s previous experience of interviews has been as simple as checking that they can do the job and are available at the necessary times.

One of the most common interview styles used now are competency based questions. These are used when an employer wishes to assess a candidates personal attributes as required by the role when a candidate has not previously done a similar role. You will really put yourself ahead of the game by becoming familiar with these questions and thinking of answers to them in advance of attending interviews.

Please do look at this link to gain  better understanding of competency based questions.


What do you think will happen when this goes through? (Julia Walton)

An article on ‘publicserve.co.uk’ revealed that the Health Bill is likely to be law within weeks. It’s had a rough ride –  many of its critics are still saying it should be scrapped – but is expected to be passed pretty soon now that the House of Lords has backed an amendment which was said to have been made to appease Liberal Democrat members of the coalition.

The main change was that the Competition Commission will now not have to monitor competition between service providers in the NHS.

To read more: http://www.publicservice.co.uk/news_story.asp?id=19095

12 Lessons from KONY 2012 from Social Media Power Users (Audley Swain)

The KONY 2012 video has clocked more than 43 million views in only two days on YouTube (and millions more since appearing on Vimeo two weeks ago), which is fairly amazing considering 1) it’s about something most people have never heard of and 2) it’s a half-an-hour long. Here are 12 lessons we can all learn from Kony 2012 Social Media Power Users!


Things to avoid in Interviews.

  • Poor handshake.
  • Talking too much.
  • Talking negatively about current or past employers/managers.
  • Showing up late or too early.
  • Treating the receptionist rudely.
  • Asking about benefits, vacation time or salary.
  • Not preparing for the interview.
  • Verbal ticks.
  • Not enough/too much eye contact.
  • Failure to match communication styles.

Please see the link for details: