Companies who complain about applicants failing to present a credible CV and supporting document often citing poor spelling and punctuation are themselves guilty of often failing to reply to rejected candidates.

They do so at their peril – these companies will be perceived to be negligent and insensitive in what we all know are tough economic times -they forget that today’s rejected graduates could well be tomorrow’s business leaders.  To state the obvious – in our competitive world, reputation counts.

Hugh Joslin – Managing Director

PR: Shortage of ‘good’ account managers?

The most recent PR Week reports a lack of good account managers in PR agencies. One of the main reasons behind this was the last recession of 2008 resulting in the cutting of training budgets. Account Executives have suffered due to the recession, they haven’t had the level of training their superiors have had the advantage of being exposed to. Of course this doesn’t apply to all agencies, but as reports show, we are likely to have a prolonged period of economic uncertainty and agencies need to be careful not to place themselves in a repeat situation. Training must be put high on the priority for agencies to see their more junior staff develop and grow within their agency to prepare them to be strong account managers. Training benefits companies who are facing tough economic times; it helps keep staff motivated, there’s return on investment and it is likely to improve staff retention. It will be interesting to see how agencies approach the issue of training with the predicated difficult economic times ahead.

Eddie Everard – Consultant

Has graduate unemployment reached saturation point?

The OECD yesterday (Monday) published figures that argued that the UK’s unemployment numbers are set to rise by 2013. Perhaps surprisingly, this may not come from graduates as the article below outlines a drop in graduate unemployment. The question, therefore, is where are these losses going to come from?

Stuart Brill – Consultant