7 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Skills And Influence

Happy New Year to all and I’m sure 2012 has a lot of promising things in store for everyone.

As we kick the New Year off, one of the key things to watch will be the development of Social Media. Last year saw the large majority of companies start to acknowledge the business implications of not heightening their Social Media exposure, thus leading to an increase of research and investment into this particular area.

My rather “prognostic” prediction is that 2012 will see businesses across the board start to really ramp up the amount of time and money spent on solidifying their Online reputation, in an attempt to ensure they are not left as fossils in a rapidly developing online eco system.

Having come across the following article, I thought it provided brilliant insight as to how Social Media should not only be viewed, but how it should be utilised when seeking ROI.


Whatever your business goals may be, Social Media in 2012 will play an instrumental role in the way in which your business is perceived, and more importantly, the way in which you interact with your target market.

Audley Swain – Consultant