How to resign

You have now been offered and have accepted the job of your choice. The next stage is to resign to your current employer. This is often made out to be a stressful scenario, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t forget a resignation meeting is a business meeting and therefore should be planned carefully. Here are some to dos to help you on your way..

Check your contract:

What is your notice period? In most cases this is one month’s notice, though with senior executives, this can run up to 6 months’ notice. Are you owed any holiday? If you are, this can be taken during your notice period. If you are still on probation, it might be possible to cut short your notice period.

Write a formal resignation letter:

The letter should contain the date, your name, your manager’s name, your notice of termination of employment, when this will be effective from, details of your notice period and your signature.

Give this letter to your manager and keep a copy for your records. Alternatively, you can send this letter by email.

The meeting:

Prepare what you want to say. Don’t forget, the essentials are in the letter. Legally, you are not obliged to say anything in your resignation meeting but, of course, you intend to leave your current employers in a positive light. Therefore be positive about your time at work, as you are sure to need a reference. Thank them for the opportunities they have given you and, if possible, mention something specific you will miss. Remember you do not have to go into detail as to why you are leaving. If you are counter-offered, do they really want you to stay and is it in your best interests? Remember it is cheaper for a company to offer a significant salary increase than it is to train a new member of staff.

Exit Interview:

Companies now operate exit interviews out of policy. They offer an opportunity for constructive feedback to your employer. If offered, prepare your comments in advance and be specific. If you feel that your employer has done something wrong, give an example of how you experienced this and how you feel it could be done differently.

Start Date:

You have now confirmed your leaving date with your current employer. You should now contact your Media Contacts consultant who will confirm your start date with your new company.

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