Preparing for the interview

The interview is the most important event in your search for a new job. Regardless of what is written on your CV or your application form, it will be the impression you make upon your interviewer that will make the difference between you getting the job or not. Searching for a job in media is tough, especially in London.

Interviewers are continually amazed at how many candidates come to job interviews without any apparent preparation and with only the vaguest idea of what they are going to say. Some candidates act too casually and hence create an impression of total indifference while others work themselves into a state of acute nervousness. These marks of inexperience can be easily avoided by doing some basic preparation before the interview.

We will guide you every step of the way to help you get the job you want. Once Media Contacts has decided to represent you, your consultant will arrange interviews for you with suitable media companies. Unfortunately, we can only do the groundwork for you, and not the interview on your behalf. Whatever stage you are at in your career, we hope you will find the following tips helpful:

Be scientific. Once you have a job specification, ensure that you make notes matching your experience very clearly against each requirement. Don’t be afraid to take these notes with you to interview: it shows you have done your research, you are motivated and you will pitch yourself more concisely.

Interview Preparation

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