Employers Speeding up Hiring with the Aid of Media Recruitment



Unemployment is at an 11-year low and so employers are being literally forced to speed up hiring or lose top talent. Media Recruitment makes it possible.


The news is good. In fact, it is very good! The latest report coming out of the ONS is that unemployment is at its lowest level in the past 11 years and this means that more people are on the job in the UK. However, there is a flip side to this and that would mean that employers now have to speed up the hiring process or they stand in danger of losing top talent to the competition. With the help of Media Recruitment online, the entire process can be cut to a fraction of the time traditional recruiters take and employers get the talent they are looking for.

Recent Survey Reflects State of UK Job Market

According to a survey cited in Business Matters magazine for SMEs in the UK, almost half the 100 employers surveyed said they have had to significantly speed up the entire hiring process or lose top talent to competitors. As well, 59% of those polled said the entire process is now taking just short of two weeks and in addition to that, 92% said they were issuing offers within a 7-day period following the initial interview. To date, this rapidity in the hiring process is almost unheard of. The speed at which candidates can be found is entirely due to the capabilities of online recruiters such as Media Recruitment.

Media Recruitment Solves the One Real Issue

The biggest problem many employers are having is in finding ways to attract the top talent they seek. Many are putting out online adverts of their own or are using means to attract talent that are, for lack of a better word, archaic. It is no longer sufficient to contact a brick and mortar recruitment agency because that process is much too lengthy and by the time candidates are collected, an online recruiter (again like Media Recruitment) has snatched them up for employers they work with.

Marketing Is Key

One thing that Media Recruitment has that many recruiters lack is the knack of marketing for talent. It is, after all, the same as attracting customers to a business. It’s all about marketing and if an employer wants to attract the cream of the crop, it is essential to pull out all stops and employ a recruitment marketing strategy. This is why we excel at Media Recruitment and how we will continue to place the very best candidates in touch with the very best employers. It’s what we do, have always done and will continue to do. This new rapid-fire market enables us to shine and it is this light that brought you here today.

Attention job seekers and employers! Is this the end of employer branding?

Employer & employee

I used to get a ‘look’ when I tried to explain to people why I didn’t fancy an iPhone and particularly hate Macs! It was all to do with ease of usage, so when that failed; the shiny Apple sign at the back of my only iPhone did not keep me and I did not think twice in switching to another brand. This example may not be directly relevant to the title of this article, but you get the gist!


Employer branding is being affected in a very similar way because modern job seekers don’t only look into company brand/ image anymore but they are considering on what else the employer has to offer. This reflects the survey findings published on the ‘Recruiter’ website. Findings suggest that:


  • Only 13% of the respondents (survey of 1026 UK respondents) thought that ‘company brand and reputation’ was a primary consideration when accepting their current role.


  • More than half of the respondents (57%) identified a ‘better work-life balance’ as a key motivator when changing jobs/ accepting new offers.


  • ‘Salary’ was the main factor to make a move for 43% respondents while 55% changed to their current job because of ‘better location’.


  • About 31% identified ‘job security’ was important and similar number of respondents said that they consider ‘opportunity for professional development’ when changing/ searching for jobs


This is a clear indication that job seekers are more aware of long term career goals and being serious to get away from the UK’s ‘workaholic’ lifestyle. Consequently, employers need to consider not only the salary/ benefit package but also look into polishing the company culture and keep employees on focus (remember the old saying, happy employees are more productive!).


Here is a list of some important factors to consider when taking a new job or offering a job.


  • Company culture reflecting better work/life balance
  • Career progression in the relevant industry
  • Company hierarchy/ career prospects within the company
  • Training and personal development
  • Regular performance reviews and mentoring
  • Location
  • Company history, stability and company reputation
  • Money (The ultimate motivator! Is it really?)
  • People within your company – boss and colleagues relationship
  • Workload and expectations – make sure you understand the new job responsibilities


The factors mentioned above are basic which may vary depending on what business you have or as a candidate, what level of experience/ qualification etc you have. Media Contacts is one of the top media recruitment agencies in the UK and our experienced consultants will be happy to help candidates looking for jobs or employers looking for their next best employee. So, contact us on 0207 359 8244 or simply send an email to [email protected]


What skills do Media Recruitment Agencies look for in Web Developers?



If you are looking for a role as a web developer, then what qualities will media recruitment agencies be looking for in you? Read on to find out more.

If you are looking for a job as a web developer, and would like the help from media recruitment agencies, then there are a number of skills and qualities you should make sure you possess. A set of skills and qualities are helpful for your role as web developer, therefore media recruitment agencies will be on the lookout for candidates who have them.

  • Relevant degree/ academic qualifications: First of all, having a foundation degree, HND or degree in an IT related subject will be a considerable help if you are looking for a role as a web developer. Such qualifications in areas such as programming, information technology and multimedia design show that you have extensive relevant skills, and are committed to the area.


  • Create a portfolio highlighting your skills and achievements with example: If you do not have a relevant further education qualification, then the best thing you can do is to create a portfolio of relevant work, such as a functioning website. This again can show that you have relevant skills necessary such as experience in web development/design, web content management, computer programming, coding and experience using content management systems. Even if you do have a relevant qualification, having a portfolio of relevant work is a great way of showing off your skills, and showing media recruitment agencies that you are keen and committed.


  • Internship/ work-experience: Another way to show that you are committed to the role and have the relevant skills is to get some work experience in a similar role. Whether you have a degree or not, many media recruitment agencies and employers will want to see that you can apply your skills in a real-life setting, and work well in a work environment as opposed to a strictly academic environment.


Other ‘soft skills’ that media recruitment agencies and employers will be looking for include creativity, attention to detail, the ability to follow instructions exactly, the ability to work to strict deadlines, the ability to work well in both a team and alone and strong communication skills. These skills can be more difficult to demonstrate to media recruitment agencies or potential employers, but relevant work experience and participation in relevant extra-curricular activities can be a great way of showing them. Even membership of seemingly unrelated clubs such as sports clubs can be helpful as it show skills such as teamwork and communication, and shows your ability to commit.


If you would like more information, or would like help from media recruitment agencies in starting your career as a web developer, then talk to our experienced digital consultants at Media Contacts today!


The apprentice 2014

I was at a wedding yesterday and somehow a conversation started about the Apprentice 2014 with a friend. We were confused who will bag the £250k as both of the finalists were quite strong. My opinion was if Sir Alan Sugar wanted to take a risk, he would go for Mark Wright. I was glad when during the decision making conversation his advisor Nick Hewer actually referred Sir Alan Sugar as a ‘product man’, means my guess was correct! The concept of digital marketing is not new, but somehow it is still very much of a confusing area for a lot of us. It is not something that you can see or touch but it does amazing job to make your business successful.


Now, what made the Apprentice 2014 winner Mark Wright’s business plan outstanding and why was it better compared to Bianca Miller (despite her very strong business concept)? It’s all about Digital marketing! This is becoming the first priority for all businesses regardless size or industry.


As an example for the recruitment industry, everything is happening online now. Back in 1994, job seekers used to hand out printed CVs, search for jobs on newspaper/ vacancy signed windows/ job centres/ through friends etc.  Now the whole recruitment process can be completed online, from signing up to recruitment agencies/ job boards to searching/ applying for jobs. Virtual interviews, job boards competing to stay on page 1 of all search engines, company research for interviews EVERYTHING that you can think of are available online and this is where digital marketing is stepping in! The world has gone mobile, to meet the changed consumer need, businesses are being forced to change marketing/ sales strategies and of course, go mobile. Digital marketing not only helps to create online presence but this is the best way to generate business in the recruitment industry. According to socialtalent.co, 21% job seekers said they search for jobs on the go as they think it’s easier and quicker. So it’s all about time! You need to make sure your jobs are being advertised to the correct place, to the correct target group at the right time. You need to make sure the contents you upload are well structured and easy to read so that people actually read and don’t bounce back from the site, so keep them on your site, knowing more about your business.


Now a day, a business without social media presence is not a complete business. There is a Facebook, Linked In, Twitter group for every type of business, not only because it is free but also it can easily attract the correct group of people very quickly. Not to mention all other groups such as YouTube channel, Google Plus, Printerest… and the list goes on. Successful digital marketing will ensure your business is on top of all competition and easily available online to your target market (yes, going back to the Apprentice 2014 winner Mark Wright, the ‘Climb Online’ – this is what he named his business for the final task. I think the branding was brilliant apart from Solomon and James’s entertainment part for the presentation!).


As one of the top media recruitment agencies, we do recruit for digital marketing roles. We have specialist consultants who will be happy to help whether you are looking for a digital marketing job or you are searching for the best digital marketing specialist to join your business (climb at the top as Mark Wright would say!). So feel free to call us on 0207 359 8244 or click here to send us and email.



Success is doing what you love and making it a career, but I don’t know who will pay me to watch football / drink wine / sit on a beach / *insert-your-chill-out-of-choice-here*


Traditionally, we think of the Christmas / New Year break as a good time to take stock and reflect on our lives – all those magazines with articles espousing “New Year, New You” theories that are anything but “new”, spending time with family and / or friends, an extended break away from the office, losing track of what day it is.

It all adds up to an opportunity to consider our situation: What went well and what didn’t over the last twelve months? What am I happy or unhappy about? What would I change if I could? What New Year’s resolutions should I make? Should I bother with resolutions when I know I’ll inevitably break them? Or is that a self-fulfilling philosophy and should I therefore be less cynical about them?

The other time of year that gives us this opportunity for reflection is, well, right now. Summer holidays, evenings in pub gardens with friends, getting lost in books or watching an inspirational sunset. That distance from the coalface gives us a chance to think properly – not just a fleeting “shall I look at a job board?” or “Should we get round to decorating the bathroom?” Companies are often taking stock too (either literally or metaphorically) given that (terrifyingly) we’re not that far off the mid-point of the financial year.

So far, this post appears to be a collection of lists, so I’ll get to the point. We at Media Contacts like to meet with candidates before they’ve decided they want a new job. Discussing the market, your career and your options means that, when the time does come, the whole process is that much smoother. Perhaps there’s a particular training course you’re being offered and you’re keen to know if it is the kind of thing other companies are looking for on CVs, for instance. Or perhaps you’re keen to know what the jobs market is like as a reflection of how healthy your sector is. Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear from you.

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