How do you feel when you go to work?

When you go to work do you feel like you need a new career. Media Contacts can help you find your dream.

When you wake up in the morning do you feel that you are undervalued and you have so much more you can give? Do you find yourself going to work and feeling that you are in a dead-end job? Do you dread going into work because it is not what you enjoy and love doing? Do you want a career?

When looking for a career you want to ensure you can go to work on a daily basis and feel that you have accomplished something, you want to ensure you are happy within your working environment and you want a career that has scope for you to develop your skills and room to grow and progress forward.

Perhaps you have always seen yourself as creative and so are swayed towards the idea of pursuing a career as a creative director or other creative jobs. Not many people have the creativity juices flowing and are able to execute art with skill, expertise and precision. If you think you are one of those rare talented individuals then read on.
Do you have the skills to be a creative director?

You must have the ability, skills and expertise in the field of graphic design, fine arts, motion graphics or any other creative industries.  You must be able to work under pressure and manage a team. Are you able to think on your feet and create exciting strategies and plan a campaign? If so Media Contacts can help you pursue a career as a creative director.

No matter what your ambition don’t get stuck in a dead–end job. There are always other avenues and options available. If you need help of advice contact us now. We have a range of media industry job available. Our experienced team has been helping individuals like yourself realise their potential and secure their dream job since 1993. We can and will help you find the right career for you.

No matter what you dream of becoming, it can soon become a reality. Weather you dream of working from anything from PR to marketing we can help. Take a look at our range of job opportunities; you are sure to find something that will re-light the ambition fire inside you.

Media contact can help you get that bit closer to your dream. Contact us now.

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Now For Some Good News. (Julia Walton)

It’s frequently been pointed out that many of the most successful businesses in existence were started up during economic downturns. It sounds a paradox until you get thinking about labour,  rent, and other resources being cheaper. And of course the poor calibre companies in any sector are more likely to be going out of business, leaving those who genuinely add value to clean up.

With the long awaited news that, finally, we just might be coming out of recession, if you are one of the out-of-work-professionals thinking of setting up on your own perhaps  you had better get a move on!

Impressing The Daleks. (Julia Walton)

I sometimes think there are some trained monkeys out there writing CVs (oh, the stories I could tell) but, word is, now robots are going to be reading them. The latest news is that human contact is to be reduced during the recruitment process with intelligent software reading CVs and robots conducting interviews.

I am picturing telling one of my candidates how to prepare for an interview with a dalek. Will I get to talk to the robot myself, what will he/she/it be like? Hmm, we’ll see.

Defeat, rejection, losing. (Stuart Brill)

Fascinating article from the BBC on how athletes should manage their emotions before they compete in order to make the result easier to come to terms. The same is true from the perspective of a job-hunter, for instance I was always taught in a sporting context to always to visualise winning and never losing (it didn’t work). Yet as the BBC article, and common sense, suggests this isn’t viable for most job hunters. The message is therefore: commit to achieving what you want, in whatever environment, but realism and good planning can make the outcome a little easier to manage.