Choose your words carefully!

In a tighter economy, when looking for a job becomes all the more competitive – the emphasise on standing out from the crowd is even more important! Your CV in most instances, is your first introduction to a potential company. Could certain words used be detrimental to your job search? This article explores this in more detail….

Lauren Stone – Senior Consultant

Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent

Ok – The initial Social Media entry I prepared this week was sabotaged *cough Rupert cough* but luckily I’ve found something a little more interesting to share.

The following article tries to explain why large companies are increasingly failing to retain their very best talent, and the implications this can have on their business..

Twitter is probably the most recent example of this, where senior management seems to be leaving on, albeit, a daily basis. For some intriguing and unapparent reason, they seem to be completely unaware of it, and as a result, the Social Media giant is increasingly becoming a less desirable place to work.

Recruiting for a variety of companies within the Digital space, you tend to find that candidate already have preconceived ideas about the “type” of company they want to work for, and the statement that is becoming increasingly frequent is “I don’t want to work for a large agency or media owner”…

Frustrating? Yes… Understandable? Even more so…

Large companies can often struggle to give their top talent the freedom and creative controls they need in order for them to not only feel valued, but also to contribute to a larger strategy/mission that the employees believe and buy into.

Some companies have managed to master this i.e. Facebook but for the most part, the way in which companies are structured prevent this from happening.

I promise you, this is not a Twitter bashing article, but Twitter do provide another example of where companies can often alienate staff and cause a lingering sense of animosity within the group.–one-insiders-brutal-explanation-2011-12


Now, if any member of staff was not invited out on a “company” Christmas party, I’m sure the consensus in emotions would be a mixture of rage, confusion, self-doubt and then overwhelming rage.

I must also mention, that as far as office Christmas parties are concerned (Christmas Dinner for us at Media Contacts), try not to embarrass yourself – please. You might just find that while your job was bordering bearable – after one too many drinks, you’re suspicious dance moves and questionable carol singing, might just bring you to a tipping point. You will be the topic of many conversations in the New Year, and the likelihood is, someone will have a camera. That’s if you’re even invited in the first place.

I wonder if Rupert (our Director and avid Snoop Dogg fan) will be staging a few performances for us this year?

“Gin and Juice” would be the preferred song choice…

Audley Swain – Consultant

Living the dream?

Stop thinking about what your ideal job would be and go out and get it. Don’t put obstacles in your way when you can seek advice from people who can help. Most of us believe that making a career change is the biggest barrier to getting what they want. However, if you ask people who have found roles that they enjoy, you’ll discover that the toughest step isn’t applying for a job, it’s picking up the phone and reaching out to someone that can help you do what you would love to do. This week, you may  spend 70-88% of your waking energy at work. Work takes up such a huge part of our lives that it might just be worth looking for something that puts a spring in your step on a Monday morning. If you are thinking about a job move, get in touch and make going back to work in January something that you are looking forward to!

Steven Dwyer – Consultant