What Does It Take to Secure one of the Best Publishing Jobs in London?

Publishing jobs in London


Publishing has always been a hot sector, but with publishing jobs in London now more sought after than ever, how do you stand out from the competition?


Whilst there are always great publishing jobs in London, it can be extremely hard to land one when you are fresh out of university and looking for your first proper job. So how do you get ahead of the competition and show that you’re the one for the role? These are some of the attributes that will make a difference.


The Ability to Self-Publicise

Do your own PR: think of yourself as the brand and demonstrate your promotional skills throughout your CV and application. So don’t be bashful – present every skill, every bit of relevant experience and personal trait that you have in the best possible light. Remember that there may be hundreds of other applicants lining up for the few publishing jobs in London, so it’s not time to hold back. You might also consider some voluntary work, perhaps for a charity but if within a publishing team even better, through which you can get the essence of real life work experience which will be good addition to your portfolio.


Consider Other Locations

Yes, the publishing jobs in London tend to be the ones that everyone goes for, but there are plenty of other cities in the UK in which you can forge a rewarding publishing career. Look at Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds or Cambridge, for example, and build your contacts. There might be fewer jobs in the mix, but there are also likely to be fewer applicants per posting too, swinging the odds in your favour.


Broaden Your Skillset

The publishing jobs in London these days require more than the ability to engage with journalists, write press releases and hold launch events. Social media has made the industry far quicker and more exciting, so if you can demonstrate a real passion and aptitude for effective social media promotion and engagement, you will be at an advantage in the jobs market.


Consider Aligned Careers

The actual publishing roles are the obvious ones, but publishing houses all have a range of exciting professions that require similar skillsets. For example, you could work in sales, marketing, communications, rights, production and other areas. This will help to build your knowledge of how the industry works and make you more employable, and it will give you the chance to side-step into other roles of interest as you progress within your employer’s organisation. Often the trick is just to get into a company and then work hard to prove yourself and develop your career in the direction you want..

How do I get a publishing job in London?

Publishing jobs in London

Starting out on the publishing ladder? Or been working in the environment for years? This guide for obtaining a publishing job in London is a must read.

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Finding a job these days is hard. You don’t need us to tell you that. It can often be harder for graduates trying to make that first step on the career ladder. Even if you’ve been among the publishing world for many years, there’s no guarantee your experience will outshine others. Particularly if you’re based in or wanting to move base to London. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to help your CV stand out from the rest to ensure you get your desired publishing job in London.

To start, it’s important to realise just how heavily oversubscribed publishing jobs are anywhere, never mind London. It may also not prove to provide a large salary. Those with an English degree may look to publishing as a first port of call hence the many graduates whom appear on the market each year.

Talking of qualifications. It may not be necessary for you to have a MA or PHD. It may be of help and may certainly stand out to prospective employers, but it almost definitely does not guarantee you a better chance of getting that interview, never mind the job. So if you don’t have one, don’t worry. A standard degree however is seen as a minimal requirement.

Work experience in a relevant field can also be key. If we’re assuming you don’t have a job in publishing already, being able to work voluntarily for a few months will help on your CV. Even being involved in the university paper, radio etc will help. Alternatively, see if you can offer your services to the local church or town. As long as the experience can be related to publishing, it may just set you up for that all important publishing job in London.

Let’s say you’ve seen the perfect job advertised. What do you do? Firstly, try not to stack all your hopes on this one job and automatically think the job is yours before you’ve even met the employers. Instead, channel your energies in perfecting your CV and ensuring you’re introductory letter is flawless. Prepare at the same time for the interview. Make sure you’re able to answer any questions they may through at you by gathering as much information about the company itself. You never know, you may find a different area within that company that you’d prefer to work in!

When all said and done, you can appreciate the rewards and satisfaction a role within publishing can be. Finding, taking the time to really concentrate on how you will get that job, and then accepting a publishing job in London may be the best career move you ever make!

For further advice about roles within publishing, or creative director jobs, medical writer jobs and much more, contact the Media Contact’s team today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members have plenty of experience in helping people find their dream job.

Graduate jobs

If you’re going to be graduating this year, now might be a good time to start thinking about how you plan to spend at least the next few years of your life – time ticks on and soon enough the 10p rise in the price of a pint at the union will be the least of your concerns.


While the graduate job market is definitely improving, with a recent study of employers predicting a 9% rise in graduate recruitment this year (BBC News), finding work can still be an incredibly trying experience (particularly if applying to the ultra-competitive grad schemes).


One major way in which a recruitment agency can help is in providing a trusted conduit to employers. The numbers in which graduates apply for jobs are such that many businesses simply don’t have the resources to cope with the recruiting process; for reasons of expediency, many potentially excellent candidates will be filtered out immediately on the basis of something minor. Recruiters play an important part in combating this: come to us, we’ll run through your options with you; provide impartial advice; and if we have an appropriate role, we’ll send you over to our clients with the Media Contacts seal of approval.


This way, candidates aren’t wasting their time applying for jobs they’re unlikely to get and, on the other side of the coin, employers aren’t seeing people that are unsuitable – everybody wins! That may sound a bit cheesy but there’s no denying the logic.


So, if you fancy yourself as a graduate trainee / Account Executive/ Sales Executive in the media sector and feel that your talents need bringing to the attention of a top class organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a number of open jobs and you can click here to know more about job search/ interview preparation.

Looking forward to the weekends?

Since the News of the World stopped publishing last July the Sunday newspaper market overall has suffered. Of the News of the World’s 2.67m sales in June 2011, the last month before its closure, 1.3m have simply disappeared. Half the rest went to the Sunday Mirror; the rest were split between the Daily Star Sunday and the People, while initial gains by the Mail on Sunday were rubbed out. Similarly, of the News of the World’s annual advertising revenue, estimated at about £40m by Enders analysis, most has simply dropped out of the market, unspent. It will be interesting to see what the launch of the Sun on Sunday does to tabloid media consumption in UK in the coming months.