Reflections on #MedComms Day


For us, one of the best things about Med Comms Day, was the chance to talk to people in the industry about almost anything – not to be restricted to Med Comms (much though we love that subject of course!). We genuinely enjoy talking to candidates about their ideal job, advising them (and clients for that matter) about salary surveys and industry news, but it’s also lovely to interact on a, frankly, much sillier level. Thinking of #medcomms films, for example (I think ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Are Still in Medical Review’ remains my favourite – props to @CelloHealth), and sharing picture of fluffy bunnies etc, was great fun.

I’m not the first to say it, but just watching people from all around the world get involved and seeing the wealth of variety and creativity in the industry was lovely too. We’re already looking forward to next year and, in the meantime, I have vowed to do Twitter better!

Alys Barber-Rogers (@ArsenalAlys)

How Media Recruiters Can Help Graduates Break Into The Media Industry

How Media Recruiters Can Help Graduates Break Into The Media Industry

It is that time of year again when the final academic term ends and floods of fresh talent hit the job market! As the media industry continues to evolve and expand in scope, it is becoming one of the hardest industries to break into. However, to have a good recruitment consultant on your side can really help you to find and apply for jobs in a more targeted and effective way. Whether you’re looking for a job as a medical writer or a conference producer, an account executive or want to try sales for example, as specialists they already know the key players, where the jobs are and how to get them, so they are the best people to get in touch with.

Skills and Experience

Graduates tend to have a unique skill set, they are naturally tech-savvy innovators and social media gurus; key skills that employers are seeking in this new digital age. However, a degree alone is not going to set you apart from other graduates, understanding the importance of gaining experience is vital and that is what will keep your CV from being brushed under the pile. Here at Media Contacts we hold CV workshops to show you what to include and how to present it, enabling you to put your best CV forward to employers.

Salary and Incentives

According to The Sutton Trust, who work to raise aspirations of young people from low income backgrounds, graduates leave UK universities with an average of £44,000 of debt! Comparing this figure to the average graduate annual salary of £18,000 – £22,000, it starts to become apparent how your first pay packet can be a harsh wake up call. However, most companies have great benefits packages, offering incentives including health insurance, pension schemes, free gym memberships and a generous amount of paid holiday. Media recruiters will fight your corner to negotiate you the best salary and incentives package, leaving you free to concentrate on other things.

Top Tips for Graduates

  • Social Media

Potential employers will look through your social media. FACT. So make sure it’s clean! Showcase your skills and experience in a professional manner that reflects what is on your CV. After all, if you’re are applying for jobs in PR but your LinkedIn page says you want to be a superhero, it doesn’t look good.

  • Experience

Determination is essential to break into a competitive industry, experience is critical when job hunting, therefore DO ANYTHING YOU CAN to get a head start while at university, even if it means taking on unpaid but relevant roles.

  • Know your stuff

As well as having experience within the industry, conduct some thorough research and find out relevant information from as many sources, including, but not limited to subscribing to industry magazines, attending graduate career fairs and asking people you know already if they have any contacts. This will help you to keep up to date with what is going on, who is who and which companies are doing what.

Media Contacts is one of the top media recruitment consultancies in London, you can contact us if you have any questions and our experienced consultants will be happy to help.

Surviving Your First Week in Top Publishing Jobs in London.

jobsIf you’ve been lucky enough to bag yourself one of the best publishing jobs in London, then you’ll want to impress in your first week in role.


It’s fair to say that publishing jobs in London are hotly contested for, and candidates successful in obtaining a role will have to work hard to impress and really stand out from the crowd in order to get their foot in the door.


If you have worked hard enough to secure yourself a role, you’ll want to make sure you shine in your first week. Here are some tips to get you started.


Dress Right

Most publishing jobs in London require you to look professional and smart. If you aren’t sure, then err on the side of caution and over-dress on the professional front. You can always tone it down to a more casual look if you find that your new colleagues are a little more informal in their dress code. Remember, however, that you want to look keen and respectful, and the right clothing can help to achieve both aims.



When you are new in role, the temptation might be to try to show how much you know. However, those successful in the best publishing jobs in London tend to be excellent listeners before they are speakers. When your new boss, team-mates and other stakeholders talk to you, make sure you listen. You will pick up some gems of knowledge that really help you to be effective from the start.


Deliver Quickly

One good way to get noticed is to make sure you deliver straight away on your tasks and objectives. If you have a project, get stuck straight into it. If you don’t, then ask for one. Show that you are hungry to succeed by working hard. People respect hard work and effort, and you will find that this takes you far. Show that you are an achiever and more senior people will be interested.



Use your new job to get you out and about and meeting people within the business. Learn names and roles quickly to find out who you can help in their role – and who can help you. This will allow you to make a good impression by saying hello and being courteous as you settle into your new job.


So, in essence, look the part, listen carefully, get to know names quickly and get out there and start impressing everyone with your work. Contact us if you need more information.

The Skills That Will Set You Apart in Media Recruitment.

To be the best in the media recruitment field, you need skills that set you apart. This is what you need to do to excel.


Excellent Listening Skill

Great recruiters will employ active listening skills in order to clearly establish what their clients are looking for. Sometimes clients can accurately verbalise this in a clear way, but in many cases the recruiter will need to tease out information by asking the right questions.



Recruiters all possess excellent levels of confidence, and this is particularly essential in the media recruitment world, where individuals in the industry are likely to be extroverted, demanding and successful in their field.


Communication Skills

Great communicators will always get ahead in recruitment by knowing how to communicate perfectly on a verbal, written and non-verbal level.


Marketing Skills

Recruiters need to be able to effectively promote themselves and their professional service in this competitive world in order to secure new business and get repeat custom.


A Focus on Targets

Ultimately, recruitment success is all about hitting targets, which are often extremely challenging. Recruiters will rapidly get noticed by their employers if they keep exceeding these targets.



You absolutely must be able to deliver in media recruitment – every time. Reputation is key in this fast-paced world, and once lost it is difficult to regain. Great recruiters will go above and beyond to successfully deliver for their clients.


Relationship-Building Skills

By working on relationships, great recruiters can get repeat business from happy clients and have a ready pool of candidates who are ready to engage with them and have faith in their ability to secure a great placement.



Top recruiters are speedy and efficient, recognising that the recruitment world is fast-paced and that clients need to be matched up with top talent as quickly as possible.


The Ability to Multi-Task

The profession is demanding, which means that the ability to multi-task is key, whether you are calling a client, reporting against targets, emailing a candidate, updating social media accounts or managing a desk.


IT and Social Media Skills

Modern recruitment requires a strong knowledge of digital and social media skills in order to engage with clients and candidates via the platforms they operate on.


Can you say that you possess all of these skills and demonstrate them consistently?

Why Publishing Jobs in London Appeal to Graduates.

Publishing jobs in London

If you’re keen to get ahead in the city, then publishing jobs in London are ideal.


Publishing jobs in London


Most graduates consider working in London at some point during their studies. If you are ambitious, ready to work hard and keen to experience the best that one of the world’s leading cities has to offer, then London is a perfect choice.


Many of the world’s biggest companies base their operations in London, and the city is also synonymous with some of Britain’s key industries, including finance, banking, media and publishing. You’ll find the best publishing jobs in London, especially when you compare them to the rest of the UK’s offer.


A Competitive Sector

Be prepared to fight hard, though, if you want to secure one of the best publishing jobs in London. Competition is hugely fierce, and there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants chasing top jobs. You’ll need to find a way to stand out and be memorable – for all the right reasons.


Tips for Getting Ahead

You’ll need an excellent CV, plenty of relevant experience and something to make you stand out from the crowd – whether that’s your burgeoning contacts list, a fantastic work experience placement to your credit or a particular skill that is highly in demand.


Building a Recruitment Relationship

It also very much helps to have a good recruiter on your side. Put time into finding good publishing recruiters, and then work hard to show your best side and recommend yourself to them. Build a relationship and deliver at every stage – respond to queries quickly, provide a great CV, meet with your recruiter and impress them with your appearance, demeanor and interview skills.


Your recruiter will play a vital role in helping you to secure the right job, and you will ideally maintain a relationship with them beyond your successful placement, in case you are ready to move into your next role in a couple of years.


Ready to Put in the Hours?

Beyond that, be prepared to work hard. You may need to enter the profession with a work placement or internship and prove yourself in the role, or you could even get into your ideal company through a temp position. You’ll certainly need to work hard and be smart in order to thrive, but with plenty of fun too. Be flexible and tenacious and look forward to a fantastic and rewarding long career in publishing – one of the most exciting and glamorous of industries.


Media contacts is one of the top media recruitment agencies in London, you can contact us if you have any questions and our experienced consultants will be happy to help.