Effective marketing is crucial to any business. None more so than to those in the media industry. Here, an appreciation of the need to maximise reach and frequency of message, to a defined audience, is universal.

Our clients’ businesses cover every aspect of the marketing mix, be it the initial market research, brand management, or the execution of direct mail and gorilla campaigns.

Our expertise in this area has come not only through working closely with top media owners and full service agencies, but also the leading marketing consultancies, in-house departments and the specialist companies that serve them. This means we are able to offer access to experienced candidates, be they marketing specialists, multi-disciplinarians or marketing professionals drawn from either side of the fence.

Our own marketing campaigns ensure the coverage that clients demand. We are a major advertiser in the trade and national press and, in turn, have a constant presence with the most prominent recruitment web sites. Simply using recruitment pages, however, does not offer the complete solution. We believe strongly in the importance of getting in front of passive job hunters. This allows us to tap into areas of high quality marketing candidates that others do not. We achieve this through profiling our target market, strong corporate branding and well-positioned, on- and off-line advertising.

This ensures that we get the best marketing people where and when it matters.

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