Sourcing Candidates

Direct Response Advertising

Media Contacts generates a continual flow of candidates from our direct response advertising in the national and specialist press. Our presence in the national, trade, online and other media generates a wealth of potential candidates for your company and reinforces our database of live applicants.

Client-paid Advertising Campaigns

Media Contacts will design, place and handle the response from any recruitment advertising campaign your company decides upon. Client-paid advertising can be tailored to either a specific position or a corporate recruitment campaign. All response can be dealt with by Media Contacts and your company will be designated an account manager who will be involved personally in all stages of recruitment.

On-line Marketing

We can establish links between your own company web site and ours, thus enabling us to collate applications and forward them to your company after interviewing in the agreed way.

Personal Recommendation

Direct Response Advertising is supplemented by a high referral rate from placed candidates and satisfied clients. 45% of placed candidates are sourced from recommendations.


Sourcing employees with the right skill set can become frustrating for clients in certain market conditions. We fully understand this and therefore always provide the most proactive service. When account managing vacancies, our consultants are aware that advertising and marketing are not the only answer. Through broad experience, each consultant is consciously building up a wide network of contacts, both face-to-face and via social media, which is vital in sourcing candidates when shortages occur.


We are well aware that often the best candidates are not actively seeking new opportunities. We therefore take a proactive approach to headhunting for vacancies, whether the role is at Board level or suitable for a second jobber. A significant proportion of roles we have filled both in the UK and internationally have been through headhunting.

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Sourcing Candidates




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