Exclusive Access All Areas

Clients have found working with us as sole supplier hugely beneficial. It allows clients exclusive access to the best candidates in the market and is often a highly effective way of speeding up the hiring process. We were recently approached by a client who had been struggling to find the right type of candidates for a position they had been trying to fill. After engaging us on a retained basis, they were able to fill their job inside two weeks and were so impressed with the quality of candidates we delivered for them, they decided to make two additional hires.

Given many clients are using us on a retained or exclusive basis, it’s more important than ever that you keep in touch with our consultants to access the best opportunities in the market. There are often roles that won’t be accessible elsewhere, even on the employer’s website!

Throughout the interview process, we’ll also have a direct line with hiring managers so we can advise on what skills and qualities they’re looking for candidates to demonstrate to give you an extra advantage.

We post regular job updates on Twitter and LinkedIn so you can keep up to date.


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