Market Update – February 2019

Although, strictly speaking, nothing has changed legally yet, we are already noticing a change in our markets ahead of Brexit. Some people are moving back to the continent, still others are deciding not to move to the UK after all. In some markets this is creating a skills shortage, so it’s a great time to be looking for work. The skills shortage is highest in London and surrounding areas, closely followed by the North West and then the Midlands (where we’re opening up a new office – it’s almost as though we have a plan!).

We’re also encountering continued wage inflation. While in post-depression Britain, wages stagnated, in the last year or so they have risen dramatically. If you’re looking for a new job or you’re due an appraisal and would like advice about how much you should be being paid, call us on 020 7359 8244 or email your CV to [email protected].

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