On The Couch With The Chairman – Plans for 2020

Have you started planning for next year?”, asks Hugh Joslin, Chairman at Media Contacts.

If so, how about putting the some new year’s resolutions into the mix…
Set yourself goals — ensure these are realistic so they relate to your skills and financial aspirations

  • Use training to your advantage — this might seem obvious, but many of us see training as something else to do rather than a process that you can gain from. Tip – write notes on how you can incorporate this training into your job as soon as you’ve completed the course.
  • Take up a hobby — as well as being fun, hobbies can open your mind and present yourself with new challenges. These in turn can act as a refresher to your attitude in the workplace.
  • Take responsibility — use your skills as a friend. Before asking advice, ask yourself how your manager or senior colleague would answer the question – you will be surprised how often you’ll be able to solve the problem yourself.
  • Communicate! – We often use electronic communication as a crutch rather than as a way to develop a commercial relationship. Networking and socialising will open doors – make a plan based around who you know and who you want to know.
  • Be bold — Success will not come to you – you need to go to meet it. Be inquisitive, challenge yourself – this means going outside your comfort zone.

Good Luck for 2020!

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