On the couch with the Chairman : Face-to-face Interviews versus Phone/Skype Interview

Face-to-face interviews versus phone/Skype interview

Both have their advantages – the key is to be prepared for either scenario – that is, do your research and have key questions ready when it’s your turn to ask.


Pros for phones or Skype interviews:


  • You can’t attend a face to face interview due to time constraints so phone/Skype is ideal.
  • The company has set a deadline for interviews and a phone interview is the only way to fit the interview into your busy schedule
  • The interviewer is away on international business, so this is the best way to co-ordinate a meeting.

Hints and tips before the interview:

  • It’s easy to think a phone interview is less challenging than face to face – you could well be in your comfort zone – at home, or at a place of your choice. This could work against you if you are not fully prepared for the call. In addition, it’s harder to sell your skills and personality when on the phone, so you need to inject a higher degree of intensity into the interview – that means, succinct answers and clearly articulated questions. Also, finish with a statement confirming your interest in the position along with asking the format of the next interview stage.


Pros for face-to-face interviews:


  • Face to face meetings gives you a better sense of the personalities you’ll be working with.
  • By seeing the office, you can check out the company culture and the geography of the office.
  • Face to face interviews are likely to be more wide ranging, but this means you can ask more in-depth questions. This is turn will have you a better understanding of how the office ticks and what the job entails.

Hints and tips before the interview:

  • You’ll be expected to do extensive research on the company, the department and the job. But you’ll also be expected to ask the company key questions – these will enable you understand the company’s growth potential and your career prospects. Don’t forget, it’s your job to interview them as much as they to interview you. A key question you should ask yourself – if offered, do I have enough info from questions I’ve asked to say yes or no to the job offer?

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