Positioning Yourself for the Best Publishing Jobs in London


To get one of the best publishing jobs in London, you need to stand out from the crowd. Position yourself for success with our guide.


The publishing industry has always been a highly desirable choice for graduates, consequently, there is great competition for the best publishing jobs in London. This means that your CV, experience and approach must be impeccable to secure yourself a role.




Firstly, the industry is changing, so do your researh. You will need to develop a strong appreciation and knowledge about digital production to get the best publishing jobs in London or across the UK. Within one year, the industry went from being 90pc print-based to a 30pc digital business. In 2011, e-book sales grew by an incredible 370pc, and this market was worth around £250 million the following year.




Position yourself effectively for the right role too. Don’t be afraid to move into a role for a longer-term sideways step within a target organisation. Be mindful of the focus area that interests you. Make sure you have creative ideas and highlight these credentials to a potential employer to secure best publishing jobs in London. Learn about the trends affecting the industry in the longer term to show that you understand the future needs of readers and have ideas of how these needs can be met. Business and investment models in publishing are changing all the time. Give yourself the edge by being up to speed with them. Make sure you also secure work experience, whether it’s an internship, summer job or part-time role.




Of course, it goes without saying that your CV and cover letter must be impeccable and tailored to each job. Get a contact name, follow up on leads, send speculative applications and use social media to build your network. Another key route to finding out about the best publishing jobs in London or across the UK is to sign up to a specialist recruitment agency and make sure you are proactive in seeking out roles and putting yourself forward for them. Build your network and engage with it regularly to make yourself known. Enthusiasm and a desire to succeed will eventually pay off in your job search.




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