Publishing jobs in London are competitive – here’s how to stand out!

If you’re looking for publishing jobs in London then you will know how competitive the market is. Read on to find out how to give yourself the edge!

Anybody looking for publishing jobs in London will know just how competitive this particular arena is. With more candidates than ever going for every single vacancy, only the absolute strongest will survive. If you want to be sure of netting that dream job then you are going to have to go the extra mile in order to get it.  In this article we are going to give you a couple of great tips and tricks for getting ahead of your competition and getting yourself noticed – read on to find out more:



When prospective employers are advertising for publishing jobs in London they will find themselves with a huge job sifting through CVs. They will be looking for candidates who clearly demonstrate their passion for publishing, and their commitment to the industry, so anybody without previous experience will be unceremoniously cast aside. If you really want to prick their attention then you need to show that you have experience. Of course, everybody has to start somewhere and you may not have experience. If this is the case then it’s time to start looking for volunteer/intern opportunities at magazine and newspaper houses, book publishing agencies and similar set ups. You never know – the volunteering may even lead to a permanent job in-house. Even if it doesn’t, you will gain relevant industry experience and will be able to get a reference from someone in the appropriate field.



Networking is a very powerful force and you stand a far greater chance of success if you get out there meeting people. Join business networking groups and never miss an opportunity to hand out your CV and let people know that you are in the market for publishing jobs in London. Online networking is just as important, so spend time making sure your LinkedIn profile is current and up to date. The more time you spend interacting with people online, the more active your account will look, so try to take part in industry-specific discussions and debates.


Job hunting is not an easy undertaking, but the most successful people are the ones who spend time giving it their undivided attention. Be prepared to be patient – and always be on the lookout for that amazing opportunity to shine.


Finding a job is difficult no matter which industry you are in, but publishing jobs in London are particularly hard to find. Speak to the experts at Media Contacts for more great advice and tricks for getting ahead.


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