Reasons to Change Jobs BEFORE Christmas.

Often Candidates mention to us that they would like to change jobs but that they understand that, at this time of year, it would be better to hold off until after the Christmas break. The could not be more wrong! Here are the reasons why:


  • Many of our clients are very actively interviewing now, wanting to get their January starters lined up before Christmas starts. Waiting to apply next year will be leaving it too late.
  • In January there will be a glut of applicants when people return to work with post-Christmas blues. By applying now you get a step ahead of the crowd.
  • By starting a new job before Christmas you can have a gentle build up, getting to know the team (including the Christmas party!), having any training and induction etc. This means you can then make a flying start when you come back in the New Year.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice not to have returning to a job you don’t like hanging over you whilst you pull the crackers?!

Rupert Wallis – Director

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