Recruitment Q&A – March 2019

Dear Aunty Recruiter

I really want to keep my employees happy but my finance director has put a lock down on salary increases for the foreseeable. What can I do?

Worried Manager, Wigan








Dear Worried Manager

You will be relieved to hear that money is seldom the key driver that makes some one leave or remain in a job. Don’t underestimate the power of:-

    • The people. It is almost always all about the people. Only hire people are talented AND nice. Not either/or, but both. Always.
    • Rewarding good work with time off. A day, even an hour or two, off can mean so much.
    • Giving praise and showing appreciation regularly and generously.
    • Holding team events, competitions and doing charity work together.
    • Offering plenty of training and opportunities for career and personal development.
    • Making sure your benefits and pension packages are competitive.

Hope that answers your question! – Julia Walton


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