The 5 important skills a career in Conference Production requires

  1. Research

The most common task for conference producers is research: topic areas, speaker acquisition, venue hunting, target audiences – so be prepared to become an expert in whatever sector your conference is in!


  1. Relationship-building

A key part of the role is to build and maintain relationships with everyone from attendees to speakers, there are many different stakeholders for a conference and making sure they are happy and always in the loop is integral to the success of any event.


  1. Commercially driven

The end result of a conference is to make money – a determination to hit the end goal of making money is essential.


  1. Project Management

A strong work ethic, organisational and time management skills are necessary to be a successful conference producer – being able to manage a project effectively and, in some cases, also manage multiple team members is crucial.


  1. Presentation skills

Creating a conference itinerary means coming up with an idea and presenting it to other people – scary for some, but if you can’t communicate to different audiences, particularly senior members of a team, then the path to a great conference will be a lot trickier.


Beyond those skills, the infographic below details the general career path you could expect to see as a conference producer!



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