The apprentice 2014

I was at a wedding yesterday and somehow a conversation started about the Apprentice 2014 with a friend. We were confused who will bag the £250k as both of the finalists were quite strong. My opinion was if Sir Alan Sugar wanted to take a risk, he would go for Mark Wright. I was glad when during the decision making conversation his advisor Nick Hewer actually referred Sir Alan Sugar as a ‘product man’, means my guess was correct! The concept of digital marketing is not new, but somehow it is still very much of a confusing area for a lot of us. It is not something that you can see or touch but it does amazing job to make your business successful.


Now, what made the Apprentice 2014 winner Mark Wright’s business plan outstanding and why was it better compared to Bianca Miller (despite her very strong business concept)? It’s all about Digital marketing! This is becoming the first priority for all businesses regardless size or industry.


As an example for the recruitment industry, everything is happening online now. Back in 1994, job seekers used to hand out printed CVs, search for jobs on newspaper/ vacancy signed windows/ job centres/ through friends etc.  Now the whole recruitment process can be completed online, from signing up to recruitment agencies/ job boards to searching/ applying for jobs. Virtual interviews, job boards competing to stay on page 1 of all search engines, company research for interviews EVERYTHING that you can think of are available online and this is where digital marketing is stepping in! The world has gone mobile, to meet the changed consumer need, businesses are being forced to change marketing/ sales strategies and of course, go mobile. Digital marketing not only helps to create online presence but this is the best way to generate business in the recruitment industry. According to, 21% job seekers said they search for jobs on the go as they think it’s easier and quicker. So it’s all about time! You need to make sure your jobs are being advertised to the correct place, to the correct target group at the right time. You need to make sure the contents you upload are well structured and easy to read so that people actually read and don’t bounce back from the site, so keep them on your site, knowing more about your business.


Now a day, a business without social media presence is not a complete business. There is a Facebook, Linked In, Twitter group for every type of business, not only because it is free but also it can easily attract the correct group of people very quickly. Not to mention all other groups such as YouTube channel, Google Plus, Printerest… and the list goes on. Successful digital marketing will ensure your business is on top of all competition and easily available online to your target market (yes, going back to the Apprentice 2014 winner Mark Wright, the ‘Climb Online’ – this is what he named his business for the final task. I think the branding was brilliant apart from Solomon and James’s entertainment part for the presentation!).


As one of the top media recruitment agencies, we do recruit for digital marketing roles. We have specialist consultants who will be happy to help whether you are looking for a digital marketing job or you are searching for the best digital marketing specialist to join your business (climb at the top as Mark Wright would say!). So feel free to call us on 0207 359 8244 or click here to send us and email.



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