The Rewarding World of Medical Writing Jobs

The world of medical writer jobs is rewarding in terms of salary, opportunity and personal development.


The medical writing industry is experiencing rapid growth and offers excellent medical writing jobs for those with the right skills and desire to succeed.


What Does The Job Involve?


When you become a medical writer you could be working on a complex piece of new research transcriptions one minute, writing medical training materials for pharmaceutical businesses the next then writing patient materials and conference reports the following week. The industry is diverse and interesting and offers great opportunities for those with a medical background and the ability to write good copy. There are also excellent opportunities for progression within the field, particularly if you can get noticed for your high-quality work and ability to deliver on time.


Good Earning Potential


Jobs for medical writers often pay good salaries because of the skills and expertise required to carry out the job to a high standard, and because of the experience that the writer needs to have gained in the medical world beforehand. Medical communications agencies naturally pay more in London and the South because of the increased cost of living, but there are also some well-paid home-working and flexible-location roles, as well as freelance and contract opportunities. This makes the field very attractive to those looking to write part-time or around other commitments.


The Skills Needed


Primarily, you need to be an excellent writer with a background in the medical/pharmaceutical world. Some positions will require higher qualifications such as a doctorate in the relevant field, but the vast majority will simply require experience in medicine, as well as certain other qualifications. Generally, employers will require broad knowledge of typical scientific terms and jargon. Prior writing experience and a medical communications agency background are often preferred, whereas other employers are open to in-house pharma experience. Obviously attention to detail is essential, as is the ability to be a self-starter, work to deadlines and write compelling copy for a range of different audiences.


Entry Routes

The best way to find a good medical writer job is via a specialist recruitment agency in the field. The medical writing industry is diverse and fascinating. Your recruiter can assess your experience and skills and advise on the typical positions that could provide a good fit. Make sure you have a CV and a good covering letter ready. Most medical writer jobs will also require examples of your previous work, so a portfolio of your strongest pieces can also be an asset to securing the position you want.

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