Thinking of a career in Publishing?


We get many enquiries from candidates looking for publishing jobs in London. As has been the case for a long-time, publishing jobs have been in high demand as people are attracted to the vibrant environment of the media industry, the chance to be intellectually stimulated and the financial and job satisfaction offered by working in publishing. The question therefore is, how can you get ahead of the crowd if you are looking for your first publishing job? We would recommend the following:


–          Do your research: there are many different publishing jobs on offer and many potential applicants do not seem to have understood the differences between them – do you want to work in magazine, digital or book publishing? All have quite different entry points and career paths. Also, what function would you like to work in – editorial, sales, marketing, design, production, commissioning, licensing etc? It is vital to have decided what type of publishing job you are looking for before even applying – employers will want to see a clear sense of purpose and a strong understanding of what you are applying for


–          Demonstrate an interest in publishing: employers receive so many applications for junior publishing jobs that they will typically automatically reject those that do not demonstrate an interest in publishing on their CV. You can do this through three different ways – purpose, experience and training. For purpose, you should have a brief Profile at the top of your CV that states exactly what type of job you are looking for and why you will succeed in it. For experience, any internships/placements/volunteer work (e.g. local newspaper, student publishing etc) shows a clear and early interest. For training, if you can attend a relevant course either in a skill such as editing or in a relevant software package it will certainly help. For journalism jobs, we would strongly advise some comprehensive post graduate training


–          Sell yourself: have you thought about what skills employers will be looking for? If so, it is vital that you can demonstrate these. The number one skill or character trait is enthusiasm, followed closely by enthusiasm. Sometimes the less experienced job seekers beat people with stronger CVs to publishing  jobs by getting on the phone to potential employers and explaining why they should hire them

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