#TuesdayThoughts – Want to fine tune your interview preparation?

Don’t just research the organisation on its own, but the industry as a whole. This includes researching its competitors and any trends, including what categories they fall into. This is a useful way to show the interviewer that you have thought about the bigger picture.

Here are some of the ways to access this information …

  • Newsletters (sign up!) – This will give you more information about the company to mention in your interview to show that you’ve done your research and used your initiative. Go one step further and sign up for their competitors’ newsletters too, so you are really aware of what the industry is doing.
  • Newspaper and trade magazines – Check out the latest news, take overs, hires and developments and make sure you mention your wide knowledge into the interview conversation .
  • Phone and ask for info – This shows you’re using your initiative and not afraid to use the phone.
  • THOROUGHLY look at the company’s website – press releases on there are a really good way to see what they have been doing.
  • Ask around – Do you know someone who works/has worked for this specific company? If so, these are good people to ask to gain information on the inside track which may help, but be wary of being swayed by personal bias.

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