What Does It Take to Secure one of the Best Publishing Jobs in London?

Publishing jobs in London


Publishing has always been a hot sector, but with publishing jobs in London now more sought after than ever, how do you stand out from the competition?


Whilst there are always great publishing jobs in London, it can be extremely hard to land one when you are fresh out of university and looking for your first proper job. So how do you get ahead of the competition and show that you’re the one for the role? These are some of the attributes that will make a difference.


The Ability to Self-Publicise

Do your own PR: think of yourself as the brand and demonstrate your promotional skills throughout your CV and application. So don’t be bashful – present every skill, every bit of relevant experience and personal trait that you have in the best possible light. Remember that there may be hundreds of other applicants lining up for the few publishing jobs in London, so it’s not time to hold back. You might also consider some voluntary work, perhaps for a charity but if within a publishing team even better, through which you can get the essence of real life work experience which will be good addition to your portfolio.


Consider Other Locations

Yes, the publishing jobs in London tend to be the ones that everyone goes for, but there are plenty of other cities in the UK in which you can forge a rewarding publishing career. Look at Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds or Cambridge, for example, and build your contacts. There might be fewer jobs in the mix, but there are also likely to be fewer applicants per posting too, swinging the odds in your favour.


Broaden Your Skillset

The publishing jobs in London these days require more than the ability to engage with journalists, write press releases and hold launch events. Social media has made the industry far quicker and more exciting, so if you can demonstrate a real passion and aptitude for effective social media promotion and engagement, you will be at an advantage in the jobs market.


Consider Aligned Careers

The actual publishing roles are the obvious ones, but publishing houses all have a range of exciting professions that require similar skillsets. For example, you could work in sales, marketing, communications, rights, production and other areas. This will help to build your knowledge of how the industry works and make you more employable, and it will give you the chance to side-step into other roles of interest as you progress within your employer’s organisation. Often the trick is just to get into a company and then work hard to prove yourself and develop your career in the direction you want..

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