What skills do Media Recruitment Agencies look for in Web Developers?



If you are looking for a role as a web developer, then what qualities will media recruitment agencies be looking for in you? Read on to find out more.

If you are looking for a job as a web developer, and would like the help from media recruitment agencies, then there are a number of skills and qualities you should make sure you possess. A set of skills and qualities are helpful for your role as web developer, therefore media recruitment agencies will be on the lookout for candidates who have them.

  • Relevant degree/ academic qualifications: First of all, having a foundation degree, HND or degree in an IT related subject will be a considerable help if you are looking for a role as a web developer. Such qualifications in areas such as programming, information technology and multimedia design show that you have extensive relevant skills, and are committed to the area.


  • Create a portfolio highlighting your skills and achievements with example: If you do not have a relevant further education qualification, then the best thing you can do is to create a portfolio of relevant work, such as a functioning website. This again can show that you have relevant skills necessary such as experience in web development/design, web content management, computer programming, coding and experience using content management systems. Even if you do have a relevant qualification, having a portfolio of relevant work is a great way of showing off your skills, and showing media recruitment agencies that you are keen and committed.


  • Internship/ work-experience: Another way to show that you are committed to the role and have the relevant skills is to get some work experience in a similar role. Whether you have a degree or not, many media recruitment agencies and employers will want to see that you can apply your skills in a real-life setting, and work well in a work environment as opposed to a strictly academic environment.


Other ‘soft skills’ that media recruitment agencies and employers will be looking for include creativity, attention to detail, the ability to follow instructions exactly, the ability to work to strict deadlines, the ability to work well in both a team and alone and strong communication skills. These skills can be more difficult to demonstrate to media recruitment agencies or potential employers, but relevant work experience and participation in relevant extra-curricular activities can be a great way of showing them. Even membership of seemingly unrelated clubs such as sports clubs can be helpful as it show skills such as teamwork and communication, and shows your ability to commit.


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