When intelligent people make bad employees.

I can’t honestly say I’m the biggest Kanye West fan, neither do I work with any particularly moronic people (I genuinely don’t). But I must say, that Mr. West offers some pretty original insight on annoying colleagues, and in turn, prompted me to write this article.

I completely (and I’m sure a large proportion of readers will agree), that somewhere in their professional careers, they have encountered that one colleague, who never fail to make your blood boil on sight. It’s found in every sector, in every industry in just about every corner of the earth – but is it actually a deeply rooted topic area that hasn’t been addressed?

Recruiting in the Digital and Tech world, you often tend to run into these rather “unique” individuals, and I can assure you – it’s no rewarding feat (at least not immediately). From a mile off can you sense an intelligent, yet completely maddening candidate – which soon enough will become some poor soul’s colleague. The variety of “know-it-alls” and “my-ideas-were-too-big-for-the-company” type characters we come across, add tremendous entertainment value to the job, so to an extent, I can’t say they’re all that bad. Nonetheless, I’d rather do without the headache.

While I read the following article, (http://www.forbes.com/sites/bruceupbin/2011/01/03/when-smart-people-are-bad-employees/) I must admit to quite enthusiastically nodding my head in agreement to most of the points made, and although amusing to some degree- there’s an understated truth and enlightening substantiation in the conclusions being drawn.

It begs the question that as a recruiter, when you come across these individuals, is it ill advised to still put these candidates forward to your clients? You’re fully aware said individual may be “a handful”, but at the same time, they’re spot on for the job. How many recruiters, or candidates alike, would inform their relevant party of their… “Development areas”.

This type of situation was definitely not covered in my recruitment handbook and I shall be consulting my Directors shortly…maybe with a few case studies to gain a second opinion. Furthermore, a company thought shower could be in order…

This doesn’t make me that annoying employee does it? Oh Dear.

Audley Swain – Consultant

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