Where is Healthcare Communications in 2023?

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PM Live made a few predictions at the start of the year as to what the Healthcare Communications trends of 2023 would be. Now we’re over the halfway point of the year, we thought we’d sit down and see how accurate they were!

Face to face – as we not too long ago shifted from f2f to digital communications to reflect pandemic conditions, we are now seeing a shift back. While virtual meetings certainly have a continued place as most agencies adopt a hybrid approach, but the best networking opportunities will always happen in person at events like Communique.

Digital thought leadership – as social media continues to make medical info readily available, including newer platforms such as TikTok or Threads, online influencers will continue to play a key role in the provision of information. As such, this has been and will continue to be a key part of any communications strategy, whatever the sector. There are lots of subsets of Healthcare Communications, and thus many different areas for thought leaders to find their niche.

Short form content/video – As we’re sure any marketing professional will tell you, video is now the preferred media of choice online; in days gone by that would mainly be videos 10 minutes and longer on YouTube, but nowadays it’s all about videos as short as 10 seconds that rule the game on TikTok/Instagram.

Sustainability/ESG – Unsurprisingly, continued environmental concerns have dominated the conversations in many sectors, MedComms included. Look out for this one on trends lists for 2024, 2025, 2026…

Inclusive comms – Finally, while MedComms can be complicated, making info understandable for all audiences is an important part of the job for medical writers in the UK and abroad.

You can read more about these trends on PM Live. What do you think – are there any missing?


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