Working From Home, Good or Bad?

It used to be the dream, a day or two a week working from home, avoiding commuting into the office and working from your sofa but, in reality, but it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.

The idea is that you can get more done and be more productive without constant office interruptions, become truly independent and learn to harness self-motivation, discipline, focus and concentration. You can sleep more because your office is right in the next room and you have all day access to your own fridge.

On the other hand you might also feel isolated, cut off from your colleagues, at the mercy of technology issues and beset by well meaning friends and relatives who assume ‘’working from home’’ means skiving. It can be good for your waistline, mental health, marriage, productivity, finances and more, but the majority of household chores are likely to fall to you and you may suffer from cabin fever.

The simple truth is that working from home works wonderfully for some people in some professions, but it doesn’t suit everyone.

What do you think, is working from home for you, yes or no?

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