Let’s face it, we see more of our colleagues than almost anyone else, so they’re bound to get on our nerves from time to time.

We conducted an informal survey on what winds us up the most:

  • Eating smelly food – This one was the main offender in our survey. Unless you’re working outside in a field, it’s likely that your colleagues won’t appreciate the smell of reheated fish and egg curry!
  • Negativity – There’s always one isn’t there? Moaning and whining – someone who’d win the lottery and still find something to complain about.
  • Gossiping – I guess this one depends whether you are on the receiving end or not, but it reflects badly on the perpetrators.
  • Bragging – Bragging about your achievements can come across as gloating and intimidating. Modesty is a virtue, you know.
  • Poor music choice – Always a bone of contradiction because it’s so subjective. The only thing to do is to let everybody have a turn.
  • Clipping fingernails – Someone said that in her last job a colleague used to clip their fingernails at their desk. We say at least it wasn’t their toenails.
  • Singing and whistling – Distracting, annoying and one really set to raise the hackles. Even worse when it’s tuneless.

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