Remember when he asked you to fill out a survey a few months ago about your current salary and future expectations…?

Well, we’ve compiled all the information our network kindly sent in and put together a handy little report which is live now!

You can read all about UK salaries, trends across the Events, Editorial and Communications markets, and more – all you need to do is click or click this link: .

With handy comments from our team of expert consultants and graphs & diagrams galore, have a look how your salary stacks up to others in your market. If you’re a bit below, maybe it’s time to ask for that rise (we know you’ve been putting off asking the question!). Or, if you’re happy, maybe others will offer you a healthy bump (you’ll get more money moving companies that staying put). One of the key findings here is that many people aren’t looking for a new job – that’s where you can jump in and make use of that high demand!

Finally, if you have any questions on any of this data or where your career could go next, get in touch with us! Our team would love to hear from you, and help you make that next step so you can be happier with your job AND salary.





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