The 5 Reasons You Need To Be Jobhunting NOW

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Market conditions have converged to create the perfect storm for those who are jobhunting right now. ‘The market has never been and probably never will be again as favourable for jobseekers as it is right now!’ says Rupert Wallis, our Managing Director.

Here are the 5 reasons why now is the time you should be looking for a new job:

  1. Mega Pay Rises: with good candidates at an all-time low, ‘employers are paying hand over fist’ to secure talent, said a HR manager at a network comms group this week. This is your opportunity to tie in starting an exciting new role with a hefty pay rise on top, and why wouldn’t you want that?
  2. Changing World: while companies are trying to find their way in this new landscape it is a good idea to agree how many days you want to WFH and get this written in your contract, before the new rules are set. There is also potentially more willingness to be more flexible, although this differs across employers – jobhunting now rather than next year might yield some more flexibility and lead to a better long-term work-life balance.
  3. Record Numbers of Vacancies: as jobs start getting filled clients will become less desperate and the current mood of agreeing to anything a good candidate asks for will pass. This unprecedented rise in hiring won’t last forever, and you don’t want to be kicking yourself if, when you do decide to start jobhunting, the conditions are less favourable for you.
  4. Know Your Worth: we’re currently running a salary survey, and while we’ll share the full results soon, one of the most shocking outcomes is the number of people who haven’t had a recent pay review… and that most people have never had one a tall! If you’ve been in your current position for a year or two then you have no doubt accrued a great selection of skills and experience. However, if your current employer doesn’t value that, then there are bound to be other companies who will (while giving you room for further growth).
  5. Get it out of the way before Christmas: hiring tends to fall in December, since most people are busy preparing for the Christmas and New Year periods. Therefore, one of the biggest reasons you should start jobhunting immediately is to make sure you have enough time to apply, interview (multiple times) and finalise details of the offer over the course of the next few weeks – otherwise, you might miss out on some amazing opportunities that come with bonuses such as the aforementioned salary pay rises.

There you have it – 5 reasons you should start jobhunting now, to get an exciting new role before Christmas!

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