An issue that we find many of our clients have, regardless of industry, is the struggle to find talent with the skills they need. One report found that 77% of CEOs see the availability (or lack thereof) of key skills as the biggest threat to long-term growth.

What do they mean by ‘key skills’, though? (it’s a bit vague!)

There are some similar threads amongst what hiring managers see as important. In this case, it’s actually so-called ‘soft’ skills that are crucial, as opposed to job-specific technical skills. Being able to communicate clearly, adapt to new situations and being organised, for example.

This report also specifically highlights the need for strong creativity and innovation skills as key to driving business growth. This can be driven by teams having a supportive culture, which helps to encourage the sharing of new ideas, and is also driven at an educational level.

During the covid-19 crisis many people have chosen to upskill themselves. Interpersonal skills actually saw the biggest jump in importance between 2019 and now, reflecting its importance for candidates and clients alike. The same report also indicated that a majority of companies are looking to analyse their own skill gaps to ensure they’re poised to bounce back from covid.

How We Can Help

So, how can working with recruitment agencies help with this issue? That’s a valid question, with a fairly simple answer. Media Contacts have connections with tens of thousands of candidates who we know are highly skilled. This means both in their specific type of work but also in the soft skills that we know our clients are interested in. We only send our clients the details of candidates we are confident fit their need. If a client advertises a role, the response isn’t necessarily going to do the same. We are also able to headhunt staff who aren’t actively scouring job boards for a new role. Therefore, with greater access to candidates with the skills that are in demand, Media Contacts can help make your hiring process more effective.

If you want to know more about how we can help you make the right connections, get in touch with us.

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