As a recruitment agency, some might say we are a bit biased, but we truly feel that working with a recruiter is the best path to find not only your dream job, but the job that will suit you best. From matching your skills to the job and considering issues like culture fit, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise required to help you make the best decisions possible, and here we set out just a selection of the top qualities recruiters have that will help you progress your career.

  1. Industry expertise

A recruiter is a professional who makes it their job to know their sector and their clients in as much detail as possible – they will know their industry in a lot of depth and even have access to job roles that haven’t been advertised on job boards. Therefore, they are very well positioned to be able to help you find a new role, and you’ll be able to leverage their insider knowledge to make you stand out.

  1. Matching the candidate to the client

Similarly, consultants will have relationships with many different clients; certainly for us at Media Contacts, we have a huge network that spans some of the biggest companies in multiple industries. Rather than having do to do the extensive research yourself to find a company that will fit you, a consultant is likely to be able to find a client that matches you a lot quicker.

  1. A personal career mentor, for life

In addition to forming relationships with clients, consultants exist to form a relationship with you; part of this is really understanding your skills in depth, and matching those to the roles they have – they won’t just show you every role they have, they will tailor their relationship with you to revolve around something that matches what you are best at.

  1. Making the most of a candidate-scare market

Now is a great time to look for a new role as there is a shortage of candidates currently; recruiters will try and show you only the roles that match close to what you want, instead of overwhelming you with every role they have on their books that doesn’t really match up with what you are looking for.

  1. Save you time!

Job searching can be a full-time role in itself. Think: sifting through job boards and countless websites, meticulously perfecting your CV, then waiting for the phone to ring! Juggling a packed diary for interview slots and then negotiating the best possible salary… A recruiter will be able to help you with all of these aspects of job hunting and more, getting you valuable feedback and advice, coordinating the interview process and facilitating salary negotiations. They really are a valuable tool.

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