Skills Required

  1. Digital

To be a highly competitive candidate, you should have knowledge of Google Analytics, AdWords, SEO, CMS, email automation, paid and organic search… the list goes on, but all these digital skills are very useful for a marketing executive.

  1. Copywriting

One of the core tasks of a marketing executive is copywriting; which could mean researching and writing an article for your company’s blog one day, for example, then coming up with content for social media the next – either way creative and engaging writing skills are essential.

  1. Organisation

Being well organised is an advantage in pretty much any job, not least as a marketer. So any project management experience you have will be beneficial when you apply for one of our marketing executive jobs and the ability to manage your time effectively will be crucial in your day-to-day activity.

  1. Working with budgets

Depending on which client of ours you end up working for and whether you have fairly tight budgets or huge spend brands, being able to keep projects on track is essential.

  1. Creating marketing plans

A core responsibility of a marketing executive is coming up with marketing plans; generating ideas on what tactics to follow to hit your company’s objectives is a basic skill that you will develop at all levels of your marketing career, regardless of role.


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