You’ve got your science degree, perhaps even a PhD. You love science but are keen to work creatively. Medical writer jobs might well be worth a look.

What’s involved in medical writer jobs?

  • Writing scientific copy for a range of publications such manuscripts, newsletters, abstracts, marketing materials, leave pieces, web content, journal features, meetings reports, etc.
  • Assessing strategies used by competitors
  • Helping to develop communication strategies
  • Identifying opportunities to promote clients
  • Keeping up to date with pharmaceutical industry news
  • Attending conferences – often globally, so some travel may be involved
  • Building relationships with clients and key opinion leaders
  • Liaising with designers, editors, account managers etc.

What skills are required for medical writer jobs?

  • Unsurprisingly, you’ll need top notch writing skills
  • The ability to adapt your writing style for specific audiences
  • A keen eye for detail – in fact, being genuinely pedantic is a must
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Research skills – you may have to understand a new therapy area at the drop of a hat
  • Data analysis skills

Our Director, Julia Walton, specialises in recruiting for medical writing jobs so, to find out more, call her on 020 7359 8244 or email [email protected].

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