So you’ve seen some adverts around for PR Account Executive jobs and you think it might be the kind of thing you’d be good at…

Before you even start applying for PR Account Executive jobs, you’ll want to know exactly what’s involved and what skills you’ll need.

What’s involved in PR Account Executive jobs?

  • Writing press releases – they might be about a product launch, an event or anything that’s happening in your client’s company.
  • Pitching press releases – now you need other people to write about what you’ve written! Speaking to national, local and trade journalists to get coverage for your clients.
  • Arranging meetings of interviews for your clients with various journalists.
  • Regularly monitoring the coverage your clients get in the press and reporting on it.
  • Handling clients’ social media accounts and monitoring and reporting on engagement.
  • Keeping up to date on the news – both general and industry specific.
  • Helping to devise new ideas for PR campaigns.

What skills are required in PR Account Executive Jobs?

  • Excellent writing skills are essential in PR Account Executive jobs – you’ll need top notch spelling and grammar as well as creative flair.
  • A genuine passion for media and the news
  • PR Account Executive jobs tend to involve a lot of time spent on the phone, so an excellent telephone manner is essential.
  • You’ll often work to tight deadlines, so excellent timekeeping is required.
  • Not every journalist will want to speak to you or pick up your story, so you need the confidence and resilience to cope with rejection!

PR Account Executive jobs can be very hard work, but they can also be genuinely rewarding and, assuming you do well, you can move up the ladder quickly. To find out more, visit our website here

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