There are many different reasons why you might be dissatisfied with your job and want to leave. We’ve rounded up a selection of those we hear the most, and if any of them ring a bell, it might be time to give Media Contacts a call!

  1. Money

One of the biggest career motivators is, obviously, salary. If you feel you aren’t getting paid enough, do some research; our consultants have expert knowledge about industry salaries and they can help if you’re due an increase your boss can’t or won’t give you.


  1. Job scope

Maybe your problems stem from the work itself – maybe the job you signed up for isn’t the job you are doing right now? In this case, talk to your line managers – an open and honest dialogue about your issues might result in changes to keep you on board. Equally, it might be likely that you could do the job you want to do, but in a different company or sector.


  1. Career progression

If you’ve been in your current job for a while and don’t see any prospect of moving upwards; don’t be hesitant to explore other opportunities – remember, the current job market is candidate-scarce, so you are a valuable commodity and building your professional skills in a new company could be the next step for you.


  1. Management style

Sometimes there might just be a fundamental difference between you and the way your manager or the business itself operates. It’s important to find satisfaction in your job and if you feel that your ideals clash with those of management, then there is absolutely no harm seeing what other roles there that are out there might be a better fit for you.


  1. Work-life balance

Even within sectors, different companies have vastly different work-life balances. If you’re feeling demoralised because you’re expected to stay late every night, there are other companies that can allow you to do the same job, without the soul-crushing thought of consistently staying late. Better work-life balance means you will be better motivated and enjoy your job more.


  1. Flexible working

Many companies are more open to trying different forms of flexible working (read our previous article here) and it may be something you want to take advantage of – starting later so you can drop the kids off at school, for example. Benefits like these are increasingly common so feel free to ask our consultants which companies offer a schedule that suits you.


Regardless of the reason, our recruiters are there to help you find your next move, a job that you can be happy and satisfied with. Sending your CV to [email protected] as the first step towards your dream job…

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