Most people who have just graduated from university look for certain qualities in their first job – earning potential, a structured career path, perhaps international travel opportunities and a like-minded team of bright sparks.


What if you could find all of those things in one job?!


Event sales jobs are becoming increasingly popular with graduates and second jobbers. With trade shows, live events and consumer festivals covering a wide range of sector specialisms from fashion to food, technology to telecoms, energy to education, construction to cosmetics, security to SaaS, retail to travel, music to sport and leisure to lifestyle, there really is something for everyone.


Why Choose Event Sales Jobs?

For those who are fascinated by learning about how businesses change, grow, adapt and reach new levels of profitability and want a job that enables them to consult businesses to help them to reach out to new markets and increase their profit margins, event sales jobs can give them exactly that.


What Are Event Sales Jobs Like?

Event sales jobs will give you the opportunity to research and on-board new brands to sell to, create clever floor plans and develop existing accounts to become repeat, big spenders and you’ll be paid handsomely for doing so.  If you like strategy, event sales jobs will give you the opportunity to work with the marketing, operations and content functions to create the best show in town whilst globetrotting to competitor shows across the world; from Paris to Peru, Sydney to San Francisco, Jamaica to Japan, Singapore to Spain, giving you the perfect platform for world domination!


What Are The Best Bits About Event Sales Jobs?

Show season in event sales goes from zero to one-hundred pretty quickly so it wouldn’t suit someone who bursts a blood vessel every time things get busy – event sales teams are notorious for the ‘everyone-mucks-in-and-helps-each-other’ vibe so you’ll be nestled in a team with true camaraderie and work well with organised chaos!


You’ll likely find that each event organiser you speak to is absolutely team focussed. They’re always looking forward to seeing each other on a Monday morning and when you walk into the office, there’s a really special feeling and a buzz in the air. They rely on each other to be successful so everyone pulls together to keep each other motivated and energised! (They’re also the best craic in the pub after work on a Friday!)


Event sales jobs will give you the opportunity to work with different companies, different industries and different people on a variety of different and often unusual products.  You’ll gain great insight into what companies do, how they market their brands and how they grow product lines.  Your role will teach you how to react to different market conditions and how to keep your finger on the pulse of your sector.  Most importantly, the events industry will give you a career, prospects and an education in business.


What Are The Worst Parts About Event Sales Jobs?

Event sales is a full contact sport sometimes. If you get it right it’s the best job in the world and in the tougher times, it can feel really tough.  Every day is different and provides you with endless challenges.  If you pride yourself on helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives and you deliver your absolute maximum, the rollercoaster ride is one of the many reasons why events professionals LOVE their jobs so much!


What Can Event Sales Jobs lead to?

It’s no secret that some of the events industry’s brightest minds first cut their teeth in event sales jobs.  Some of the CEOs, vice presidents and managing directors of the industry’s biggest event organisers have grown up in event sales jobs and now spend their days developing people and coaching them through jobs they love whilst helping them to discover a brighter future for themselves, carve new careers and create a more fulfilling livelihood for themselves.


If you’d like to discuss event sales jobs further, talk to Marcus – [email protected].

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