If you’ve studied law and are keen to use your degree in a creative setting, you may well want to look for legal trainee researcher jobs. In legal media companies, this would be the first step to a b2b journalism career.

What is involved in legal trainee researcher jobs?

  • Speaking to high level legal professionals and their clients to research their work and the services they offer
  • Writing features on national and international law firms, ensuring the tone matches house style
  • International travel to meet with legal professionals
  • Working to tight deadlines, without this affecting the quality of your output

What is required to land legal trainee researcher jobs?

  • Unsurprisingly, top notch research skills
  • Excellent command of written English
  • Other language skills are an advantage
  • Some professional experience of the legal sector can help – even if it’s just work experience
  • Excellent academic background

If you’d like to find out more, check out the jobs on our website, or call 020 7359 8244.

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