1. Writing

One of the most important aspects of PR is being able to write eloquently and succinctly, whether it’s a press release, speech for a conference or an internal communications campaign, for instance, only well-written and interesting copy will do.


  1. Relationship-building

Selling in stories to the media is an important skill and it helps if you have a strong network of press contacts. The press contacts you build at the start of your career will often be what future moves hinge on.


  1. Confidence

Building rapport with clients, influencing journalists, pitching ideas and networking are all vital, so you need the confidence – even if you have to ‘fake it till you make it’ – to get out there.


  1. Time and Workload Management

As well as a strong work ethic, you need top class organisational and time management skills to be successful in PR – you will often be spinning plates and working to tight deadlines.


  1. Collaboration

PR is a very sociable industry and you must be able to get on well with clients, internal teams and all sorts of stakeholders alike.

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