We have a treat for you today: a guest blog written by our Travel PR expert, Holly! Hear in her words why you should use a recruiter to find your next role…

Why use a recruiter?

Whenever someone mentions recruiters or recruitment it can be a daunting thing. You have to be vulnerable, honest, and patient with your recruiter. It’s a lot! Especially if you are going through the pressures and challenges of switching roles. But this is where I am here to help.

I believe that until you have worked with a GOOD recruiter, you may not know how it works (or how it should work) so let’s go through the benefits and the process of what happens when you work with myself to find a new role!

So, here are a few reasons why you should use a recruiter – everything I can do for someone looking for their next Travel PR job!

1) Initial call:

The best way I initially get to know a candidate is by having a video or phone call. Whatever suits you! This way there is no pressure at the first stage, you can be in the comfort of your own home, and we can have a quick 15 min call to discuss your current situation and what you are looking for😄

2) Coffee

Usually after I have initially spoken to a candidate and you like the sound of the roles I am working on, we can meet for a quick coffee or even some brunch! This way we can connect in person and get to know each other better. It is critical that your recruiter understands a little bit about you and WHO you are. Not only your work title and position. This allows me to properly understand you and your personality and place you in a position that is appropriate for you.

3) Interviews and Feedback

Once we get some interviews booked, I will have a call with my candidate to go through prep a couple of days beforehand so you feel confident and ready for your interview. This will simply be giving you tips, some extra information on how the interview will be structured and to also give you the opportunity to practice how you will structure talking through your experience etc..

After you interview, I will drop you a call and we can run through EVERYTHING. Thoughts on the team, things that went well, things that maybe didn’t go well, and make a plan of action! We will then also discuss feedback from both parties.

4) 2nd/Final Stages

If you have a presentation you need to complete, you can come into the office and ‘rehearse’ this with me beforehand, even if you would like me to proofread some written exercises, I am here to support and help you through the final hurdles! This is the exciting bit!

5) OFFERS !💸

Once you have an offer through, I will drop you a call to explain the full offer. This being salary, benefits, progression plan, and even bonuses! If you have any concerns or questions about any aspect of the offer, that is where I can help by speaking to the client and getting you the offer you want and deserve!

6) Dinner and Drinks 🥂

Celebration time! If you accept a position we can go out for dinner. It is all paid for by the amazing Media Contacts and it’s your choice where we go!


Holly is currently working on some super PR roles. If you don’t want to go through an interview process alone drop her a message via LinkedIn. Or, see what fantastic PR roles she’s currently recruiting for here!

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