Over and above competitive salaries, companies are increasingly getting creative with their benefits packages. We’ve even seen the likes of ‘golden hellos’ in addition to the old staples of bonuses, profit sharing, medical, disability and life insurance, paid holiday and secondments, free meals, free drinks, expense accounts, social activities, phones and laptops, retail discounts, use of a company car, season ticket loans, pensions, stock options, childcare, gym membership, company holidays, personal days, sick leave, other time off from work, retirement and pension plans.


But what you have to weigh up is the complete package. Some, often smaller, companies offer fewer benefits but compensate by paying higher salaries. You also need to take into consideration the tax implications of having company cars and private medical cover, for example. If you’d like to discuss what is out there and what is fair to expect in your industry, our recruiters are happy to talk to you in more detail!

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